This Parrot Has Ceased to Be

No real reason for using that headline – just saw that skit again the other night. 🙂

It’s another gray & rainy day here in PDX. BUT – the 10 day forecast is GORGEOUS! I am not even sure what I will do with all this sun & warmth. Probably get very, very brown. 🙂

I am planning on finishing up my final school project for this class tonight, so that I have nothing to worry about tomorrow and can run & yoga to my heart’s content.

However, today’s plans may have been derailed by the large amount of it needs to be done right now OMG OMG work that got dropped on me today. Seriously people, if you need it early week, it involves multiple signatures from various departments (some of which that are not even co-located), today is not the best day to ask for it.


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