New Directions

Which, when said out loud, can sound kinda funny. Ha!

People – my 2010 training is pretty much over. I’m not ruling anything out, and I’ll continue to update you from time to time on my achievements and workout stats (because I know you care), but I am officially renouncing training.

Saturday, I went to the wedding of the year. It was awesome, but there was a lot of standing. Sunday,  there was no wearing of the shoes (so, no bike ride, which since every time I thought about it, it was raining, didn’t seem so bad, anyways).

I am not sure if I will be able to do the metric century. I’ll let you know. Or not. I am not giving it all up to lay on the couch and watch 1 1/2 seasons of True Blood. At least not after yesterday. After all, I only have two episodes left to catch up through Season 2! And then what’ll I do? (Also, why do I generally prefer darker-haired men, but get weak in the knees for blond vampires? That is a strange, although rather awesome, fetish. Call me Alex!)

So – then what?

I no longer talk about shoes (they depress me, but I do need to post photos of my two new pairs, only one of which will actually go on right now).

I no longer talk about running (also depressing).

I don’t want to talk about work (although I had a great review & got a kick-ass raise last week! woo!).

I used to talk about writing, but that would be a short conversation. (“Hi, I am writing a blog! And you are reading it! CRAZY!”)

I could write about grad school, but I’m afraid after my first post about Job Order Costing (I started my Managerial Accounting course today), I would lose all of my readers!

So – what’s left?

My domestic bad-assery. And my current passion. Home and garden. I am planning on pursuing a career in sustainability management and development after graduation, but am trying to make my own life as sustainable as possible in the mean time.

I am slowly making changes in our food sources. I am trying to make more of my own foods, and although we don’t eat a lot of processed foods, being a lot choosier about the ingredients. I am slowly expanding the amount of food I get from my garden. The materials I use at home are mostly homemade, and if not, are still non-toxic, non-chemical.

And, I am going to save money in the process.

I will keep you updated – and my plan at this point is to do one or two bigger projects each month to show you what I’ve done and how it worked.

Coming up in the next few weeks is making & preserving jam AND making your own cheese. There will be photos. And instructions. And probably wine!

So – if there’s something you’re curious about (my homemade laundry detergent, the homemade pet stain remover, any garden, food preserving, food growing, preparing, etc. stuff), let me know. AND, if you’re local, and want to come by for any of these activities, let me know.

Fresh garden tomatoes; warm, homemade bread; homemade mozzarella; and a glass of wine. The roses from my garden are just a bonus.

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