Corn Chronicles 10-02

You guys! I was going to post weekly updates in June, but it has been so rainy! I saw on the weather last night that it has rained on 14 of 17 days this month. Last year? It rained two of the first 17 days in June. This is ridiculous!

Never-the-less, I did manage to get some good pics last night.

Quinta Corn is the tallest in the garden thus far – she is a whopping 14 inches tall! Amy corn is right behind her, and the underdog, James Corn (who only grew to about 2 feet tall total last year) is already a foot tall! Go James Corn!

Some of the younger corns are feeling a bit jealous that their big brothers and sisters are getting to stay up late and night, but they’re growing quickly, too. I think, despite the wet weather, that the corn is going to be good this year!

A week ago, my corn was V6 corn. Which does not mean that it has a super fast engine and can kick your corn’s ass in a street race. No – it means that it has 6 developed leaf collars and will be delicious in August.  Or something like that. (A friend of mine from college, who is an agronomist, took time out from being a brand new dad to tell me that on Facebook. So thanks, Brad!)

Other things that are awesome:

Bruno the broccoli (for you, Jeep Girl) and friends have already been munched on once – and they are DELICIOUS! I love broccoli.

Tomatoes and peppers are coming along, but I could really use a few sunny hot days for them.

The salad bar is open for business, and that business is yummy. Peas are blooming & podding. Beans are not dead yet! They are actually going to be fine, I think.

The vine stuff is coming on slowly – they would also like a few days of sunshine. The artichokes, however, couldn’t be happier, I don’t think. They are enormous!

My grape plant is looking gorgeous, as are my flowers. My lemon tree is blooming, and I am hoping for a few lemons.

My potatoes are taking over the world!

I love this time of year, when everything starts growing and there are edibles everywhere.

I can’t wait until August, when there will be tomatoes and corn and deliciousness.

PS – What do you think of the new layout?

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