Brew Review #17 – Roots Organic Brewery

Holy crap, beer drinkers! It has been a looooong time since I have updated you on my beer-swilling adventures!

The last brew review took place on May 14 at Roots Brewing Company. It was that one beautifully hot weekend in May (there was just the one, I think), and we all sat outside on three tiny tables drinking our cold organic brews.

The architect was architecting (for money! it was fancy!) that week, so I rode my bike to the bar to meet everyone. The bike mappy tool told me it would take close to 75 minutes to get there, so I left by 3:30 to make sure I was there in time.

I got there at about 4:00.

I think the next person to arrive (the architect) got there close to 5. Oops.

Me & my bike - drinking alone

After the architect arrived, we (of course) ordered the sampler tray – and then (as per usual) I solicited everyone’s opinion on the beers they drank. So – in no particular order – here’s the recap! (The descriptions in parentheses are the brewery’s descriptions.)

Island Red (We call this a RED stout. Very full bodied complex ale brewed with a good amount of oats and barley, which lend to the nice bread and malt flavors and help Give this RED a very rich & creamy head)

  • The gazelle – I LOVE this beer; it’s good & caramelly, full of malty deliciousness
  • The architect – Really good; nice beer
  • The former co-worker – Hoppy, refreshing & delicious
  • Mr Pi – A good red, but not really my style

Woody IPA (Not your classic N.W. I.P.A., it’s BETTER! Dry hopped with an abundance of whole magnum hops to get your attention- and hold it.)

  • The architect – Good; wouldn’t necessarily want a whole pint
  • The gazelle – not overwhelmingly hoppy (which is a bad thing)

Roots Organic Pale (A nice example of an English style Pale. Light amber in color, light body and a creamy head makes this our perfect session beer. Four additions of Whole Amarillo hops give it a pleasant nose.)

  • The architect – really good
  • The gazelle – good, clean, crisp
  • The Ambitious One – nose = rubbery; taste = good
  • Mr. A – very floral

Epic Ale (We hand smoked 55#’s of Munich malt over cherry wood soaked in Glenlivet, Cognac & Cherry’s that lends wonderful Smokey Toffee & cherry notes both to the pallet & nose with a warm bittersweet finish. With over 1,700 lb’s of malt and 65 lb’s of hops, it makes this a truly “EPIC ALE”.)

Note: This is the one beer I was super disappointed that I didn’t get to try at Fred Fest, so I was really excited to see it on my sampler tray.

  • The architect – Too much weird
  • The gazelle – I should’ve known, but it’s too brandy-winey-fruity…SAD!
  • Mr. A – Do not like

Belgian Something or other (can’t find this one on the website – it’s not the Abbey)

  • The architect – Good; especially if it was winter
  • The gazelle – I almost like it, but not quite; maybe it’s to sweet
  • The former co-worker – Really good; and once I found out it was 13% alcohol, even better!
  • Mr. A – Favorite one here – great belgian + sour notes
  • Ms. L – full-bodied; like a porter + wheat or a black & tan

EXXXCalibur Stout (Brewed in the imperial style using a variety of specialty malts and Noble Hops. This Stout has wonderful chocolate and coffee notes and a smooth, hearty & complex body. Try this Stout and you will become a stout lover forever!)

  • The architect – really good for stout; another great winter beer
  • The gazelle – really rich & earthy; not too much coffee flavor

The food was pretty good! I think everyone enjoyed what they ate. The jerk chicken strips & the nachos (both off the happy hour menu) were pretty tasty!

I can’t even believe it’s been so long since the last one! June filled up waaay too fast, but I do think it was the first month since April 2009 that there hasn’t been a brew review. Sadness! If it makes you feel better (I know it makes me feel better), I was out there drinking beer in June just to keep on my toes!

Next Brew Review (#18 already!) will be at Rogue. I do love their beers, so it should be tasty!

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