Training Goals – 5/24/10 – 5/30/10

But first – the recap. Not as good as last week, sadly.

Training Goals: 5/17 – 5/23

Monday: Rest – SUCCESS!

Tuesday: Run + Yoga (with the Ambitious One and Jen) – SUCCESS! I had a great run w/ Jen & the Ambitious one, and D was there, too! And then a fantastic Yin yoga class…I’d never tried Yin before, and after thinking I was going to hate it for the first 10 minutes, I started getting more into it, and ended up LOVING it! WOO!

Wednesday: Triple Day! Morning spin class + post-spin brick run (I am graduating to the 60 minute spin class), evening Open Water Swim (brrr…..) with the Ambitious One! I am hoping for a better experience this week – SUCCESS! My spin class was great, my post-spin brick (1.5 miles) came in at an average 9:48 pace (fast for me!), and the OWS was also great. I didn’t panic even once! My method of very very slow immersion into the water worked, and I was able to complete one lap with no hyperventilating! YAY!

Thursday: Swim + self-defense class w/ Jenhalf SUCCESS! I ran out of time to swim between work & self defense. BUT, self-defense class was awesome. It was our last class, and we graduated, and can now kick ass! I totally recommend that every woman in the Portland area attend this free series of classes. SO VERY WORTH IT.

Friday: Weights + Yoga – half SUCCESS!I returned to the Vinyasa class I’d attended last week, and it was really great again. There was a man playing a portable Harmonium throughout class, and that was kind of cool. At the end of class, he got up and said the following (not exactly, I am paraphrasing 3 days later, obviously)

Many of you know me, and know I haven’t been here for a few months. In March, I went to the doctor & found out I had cancer. After some testing and surgery, I was given 6 months to live. That was 3 weeks ago – so I guess I have 5 months and 1 week left. I do intend to stick around for another 5 years (at least). I am on a very aggressive round of chemo, and will not finish up with that until July. I have been sitting at home, nauseated, tired, and sad. It occurred to me this week that I could be home feeling sick and tired and sad, or I could come back to this class that has given me so much strength and support. I might still be sick and tired, but I will be filled with the love and healing energy of all of you. I don’t know how much time I really have left, but I want to spend what there is surrounding myself with love and positivity. And I want to remind you all to not worry about the small stuff. And almost everything is small stuff.

Ummm…so that wasn’t emotional or anything. But so true.

Saturday: Run – 5 miles – FAIL! (but this is small stuff, right?) Damian wouldn’t go in a shoe on Saturday.

Sunday: Hagg Lake OWS + Hilly Hagg Lake Bike – FAIL! I woke up about 1:30 am Sunday morning sick as a dog. I actually did get up Sunday morning at dark o’clock to start getting ready for my swim. After throwing up for the 4th time in 4 hours, I decided that perhaps today was not my day for OWS triumph. I texted the Ambitious One to tell her I was a) sick; b) dehydrated; and c) contemplating entering a convent. Then, I barfed again, and went back to bed. At about noon, I was able to keep down water & a cracker. I took a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon (and if you know me, you know that is unprecedented – I do not nap) and did nothing all day but sleep and sip water. I didn’t even turn on the internets! That is sick!

ANYWAYS – on to this week.

Training Goals: 5/24 – 5/30

Monday: Easy swim

Tuesday: Run + Yoga

Wednesday: Triple Day! Morning spin class + post-spin brick run, evening Open Water Swim with the Ambitious One!

Thursday: Swim 

Friday:  Yoga + Bike (actual plan – bike to & from yoga!)

Saturday: Run 5 miles + party prep (yay! Brad’s 40th birthday)

Sunday: Rest/Recover from said party

Some things – like runs & bikes – are dependent on my foot. I am not pushing anything right now, and reserve the right to substitute runs/bikes for weights/swims/yoga without any warning our without counting that as a fail.

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