Corn Chronicles 2010 – #1

Yay! it is time for garden pictures. I know you’re super excited (and by the way, there is still time to get in a naming request for a baby corn).

The corns are still pretty wee (wave #2 hasn’t even poked their heads out of the ground yet). BUT – they are growing (about 2 inches tall) and many are named.

Other things are growing, too! My broccoli (mostly) looks great, the potatoes are taking over the world, and the garlic is huge!

My ‘salad bar’ section is looking awesome! Beans, lettuces, spinaches, radishes, carrots & beets! However, out of the 3 dozen or so pea plants that should have come up, only about 6 appeared. Obviously, I blame the spiders (although not out loud), and have replanted.

My herb garden is FANTASTIC right now! So much mint – it’s almost mojito time 🙂 And my flowers (roses and oriental poppies) are looking great. Soon, the wildflowers will start blooming, too!

This weekend, I am going to put in all my (seven million) tomatoes, tomatillos & peppers. The squash-like things are beginning to sprout, as are my scarlet runner beans. My strawberries are strawberrying, and, most exciting of all, I have 6 cherries! And 6 apples! YAY! (my trees are young, and this is their first fruit.)

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