Training Goals: 4/12/10 – 4/18/10

The recap is, once again, fairly sad.

Training Goals: 4/5 – 4/11

Monday: Swim – SUCCESS! I swam 1500 yards & didn’t drown!

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One! Yay!) – FAIL! I didn’t run. I lazed instead.

Wednesday: Double Day! Swim + Spin class (for real. I will go to the 30  minute spin class at my gym. I will not chicken out & skip it. I promise.) – SUCCESS! I swam 1600 yards in the morning, and did the 30 minute spin after work. I also hopped on the treadmill immediately after spin for a (very) short run (like 1/2 mile – that much short).

Thursday: REST! WOO! – SUCCESS!

Friday: yoga + trail run – FAIL?? The architect & I demolished our castle on Friday – which was a lot of hard work. Also, my foot kind of hurts.

Saturday: bike + weights – FAIL?The architect & I continued doing yard work. I carted 5 wheelbarrows of dirt to fill up part of my raised beds & planted a LOT of plants & flowers. Good exercise. Still – not a bike or weights session.

Sunday: Race for the Roses half marathon. FAIL. I did not do the race. My foot has been sore, and running more than 6 miles makes me want to self-amputate. I decided that it would be better to skip the race & aim for the Eugene half marathon, instead of wasting my foot on this race. So – instead, did I exercise? No. I made caramel rolls & bloody marys and had a bunch of cool people over for a fun brunch adventure.

Training Goals: 4/12 – 4/18

Monday: Swim

Tuesday: Run (maybe with the Ambitious One!)

Wednesday: Double Day! Swim + Spin class

Thursday: REST! WOO!

Friday: yoga + trail run

Saturday: bike + weights

Sunday: Bridge to Brews 10K – just a regular run. I am not trying to PR. (Again, I just don’t want a PW – which would mean running it slower than 1:13:42 – not likely, I don’t think.)

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