Swimming like the fishes

Today I swam 1500 yards. I know that might not seem like a lot to some of you hardcore swimmers who have trained for (or are training for) fancy long triathlons, but it was a milestone for me.

I was so pleased with myself after finishing my workout that I almost considered putting all my swim stuff back on and making the architect take a picture of me when I got home so I could post it and feel like a rockstar as I basked in the glow of your admiration.

But then I remembered that part of my swim gear involves a swim suit, and the recent pity party (made out of cookies and beer) I threw myself has made that photo less likely to evoke admiration and more likely to make me feel really embarrassed. So, in the spirit of my recent dramatic recreations, just imagine that this is what I looked like when I finished my swim tonight:

(Also, if anyone knows how to effectively mope without cookies or shopping, please let me know.)

My foot is doing much better. I think it is recovering due to the two-fold effect of (a) upcoming doctor’s appointment and (b) public humiliation. Or possibly (a) taking two weeks off running and (b) only wearing very very comfortable shoes. Hard to say.

Today I wore my running shoes all day and didn’t even want to cry once! So, progress.

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