Training Goals – 2/15/10 – 2/21/10
Training Goals – 2/15/10 – 2/21/10

Training Goals – 2/15/10 – 2/21/10

The recap! This week sucked – both in terms of work (SUCK!) and food (I existed on nothing but pizza & nachos & beer for 36 hours) and workouts (there is a lot of fail down there).

Training Goals – 2/8 – 2/14

Monday: weights – FAIL! I was lazy.

Tuesday: Terwilliger run (4.2 miles) – FAIL! I had a blister that made  my toe twice as big as usual (it was so bad that I wore flip-flops to a baby shower, and many of you know how I feel about wearing flip flops in public), and it hurt to walk – so I did nothing. Actually – that’s not true. I had a glass of wine. That’s almost the same as running, right?

Wednesday: Waterfront run (4-5 miles)- half FAIL! I did run, but only 2.5 miles (although it was a speedy-ish 2.5 miles).

Thursday: Rest – SUCCESS! Unfortunately.

Friday: Trail run (7-8 miles) + Swim – SUCCESS (more or less). I did run – 7.75 miles on the trails; and I lifted weights. There was no swimming, though 🙁

Saturday: Weights + Bike – half SUCCESS! I didn’t lift, since I had the day before, but I did get on the trainer for a 6.6 mile ride in 30 minutes (.7  miles further than my last 30 minute trainer ride! woo!)

Sunday: Long run (12 miles) – SUCCESS! I ran 12 miles with the Ambitious One (thanks for meeting me), and although I wasn’t quite as fast as I’d planned (I was going for 11 – 11:10 pace, and ended up with 11:25 pace), I am just happy it’s over. I have 3 blood blisters on 2 toes, and my feet are ANGRY!

My goal – 4 runs; 2 weights; 1 swim; 1 bike; stretch after every run; foam roll Tuesday/Friday/Sunday –

Well, I got 3 runs, 1 weights, 0 swims, 1 bike. so – SUCK! I missed three planned workouts. I did stretch after every run, but didn’t foam roll at all. BOO!

Goals – 2/15 – 2/21

Monday: weights + trainer (no work tomorrow, so I should hit this!)

Tuesday: Terwilliger run (4.2 miles w/ the Ambitious One)

Wednesday: swim + track workout

Thursday: rest

Friday: run and/or weights – I hope. It’s the last day of my current class, and might be intense. If nothing, else, I hope I can get a trainer ride in.

Saturday: hmmm….not sure what’s going to happen here. I’m volunteering out at Hagg Lake, and am planning on bringing my bike for a ride if I have time. Not sure though.

Sunday: long run – 13 miles.

Goal: 3 runs, 2 weights, 1 swim, 1 bike


  1. “many of you know how I feel about wearing flip flops in public”

    Right there with you! Unless you live in Hawaii. And I live in California, so you know I mean it!

    I’m just getting started with fitness/workouts, etc., so your “suck” week would be my “miracle!”

    1. I think your last statement is such a good one! So often we compare ourselves (and by we, I mean ‘I compare myself’) to others. When I was training for my first marathon, I would look at others’ marathon training schedules and see that they were doing 40-50 mile weeks, running 5-6 days/week, and I would feel that I wasn’t doing it right. BUT, I am me and can’t compare myself to others that way. So, now I’m pretty careful to make sure that I am being honest with my expectations of myself & that I continue to push myself, but that I don’t compare my fitness level, or number of runs, or speed, etc. with anyone else. Four years ago, I hadn’t run a continuous mile since high school PE. Eight years ago, I couldn’t even walk two continuous miles and was 80 lbs overweight!

      I think it won’t be too long and your suck weeks will be someone else’s miracle weeks, too! 🙂 Congrats on taking that step!

  2. Alisa

    Not everyone can have a great week every week, unless you have no life and all you do is train. You still got in your long run and during marathon training that’s really the one workout that counts the most!

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