Stuff I want: happy birthday to me (part 4): I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want

So – I have been shamelessly asking for stuff I want. I don’t know yet if it has yielded any fruit other than a significant increase in spam.

But let me tell you what would really make my day.

My birthday is next Wednesday – 2/24. What I really want? Is someone to do a trail run with me & then have brunch & bloody marys after.

It’s true that I like stuff. (And if you want to buy me stuff, I wouldn’t say no. You can go here, or here, or here or even here for ideas.)

But what I’d like most of all? Is a running buddy for 8ish muddy, muddy miles. And perhaps a little bloody mary at Stepping Stone after.

Anyone feel like taking a mental health day Wednesday?

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