Training Goals – Jan. 18 – Jan. 24

The recap!

Training Goals – 1/11 – 1/17

Monday: weights + elliptical. – FAIL! I totally didn’t go to the gym on Monday. BOOO!

Tuesday: Terwilliger run (4.2 miles) – SUCCESS! Fast hilly 4.2 miles with The Ambitious One.

Wednesday: Tempo run (5 miles) – SUCCESS! Kind of…I did a recovery run  instead of a tempo run, but my Garmin says five miles! I did this with The Ambitious One, Junk Miles & new(er) runners Lisa & Andrew.

Thursday: Rest day – FAIL! But the good kind, I suppose! I hit the gym for a pre-work swim with The Ambitious One (yes, I am apparently stalking her this week).

Friday: Swim + run (3-5 miles) – FAIL! But since I did my swim the day before, I think it’s only a half fail.

Saturday: Bike (15-20 miles) – FAIL! I did homework most of the day, and then accidentally relaxed too long & missed my workout window. BOO!

Sunday: Long run (9-10 miles) – SUCCESS! I ran 9 miles of rolling hills with my Sunday run group (this week, we had a number of blog-less people, as well as The Ambitious One [and Mr. Pi], Junk Miles, and Cilley) AND I didn’t barf, no matter how much I wanted to.

All in all, not a great week. I didn’t lift weights. I didn’t bike. I did, however, hit my one swim and three of the four runs. I ran over 18 miles for the week, which is my highest mileage week since the marathon. I’m still getting back into the swing of things, and am definitely feeling the tiredness. I know I’ll get used to the pace again soon; and I am DEFINITELY looking forward to that!

Training Goals – 1/18 – 1/24

Monday: weights + bike (no work! yay!)

Tuesday: Terwilliger run (4.2 miles)

Wednesday: Run (5 miles)

Thursday: Rest day 

Friday: Trail run (4-5 miles) + Weights

Saturday: Swimming Lessons (my last one!) + Bike

Sunday: Long run (10 miles)

This week, my goal is to hit all my runs and both weights sessions. I would also like to start doing about 20 minutes of yoga a couple of times a week for stretching and stress management.

I also need to reinstate my Saturday night before a long run dinner of pizza and one beer. Twenty different kinds of cheese, followed by beef tenderloin, green beans, potatoes, salad, cheese, and roasted pears with white chocolate sauce and wine, while delicious, does not make for a happy stomach during a long run!

I am so glad that I have tomorrow off work! I love four-day weekends followed by three-day weeks! YAY!

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