Brew Review #13

Brew Review #13 was at the McMenamin’s Barley Mill pub in SE Portland. I have to admit to not being very excited about this review, as McMenamin’s beers, while not bad, certainly, are seldom anything to write home about. I chose the Barley Mill pub because it is apparently McMenamin’s oldest pub – and I’d never been there.

The evening started off, as always, with the sampler tray. I wanted to be fair.

1. Ruby

  • The architect: better than the hammerhead
  • Amy: Bleh, my least favorite McMenamin’s beer
  • JunkMiles: my favorite beer probably EVER!
  • Cilley: a little flat tonight, otherwise fine.

2. Hammerhead

  • The architect: not as good as the IPA
  • Amy: It’s alright. Barely.

3. IPA

  • The architect: Really good, tasty, especially good this time
  • Amy: Better that usual!

4. Porter

  • The architect: I like it, but I’m not really a porter kind of guy.
  • Amy: Thick but not bad.

5. Terminator Stout

  • The architect: Not as good as the porter (this rating system seemed to be a theme for him that night!)
  • Amy: I didn’t like it until I poured in the rest of the Ruby. Rubinator is gooood.

6. Nut Brown (Seasonal)

  • The architect: I think it’s okay.
  • Amy: not nearly as good as usual, too malty-sweet.

Other beers, not on the taster tray

Nitro Nottingham

  • Mr. Pi: I like it; there’s enough flavor to overcompensate for the nitro

Nebraskan Bitter

  • Lori: My favorite beer (she didn’t clarify if it was her fave McMenamin’s or her favorite of ALL TIME!)

The verdict: Meh.

I drank an IPA & a Nebraska Bitter; the architect stuck to IPAs, Mr. Pi had his Nottingham, Lori had the Nebraska Bitter and Cilley & JunkMiles stuck to Ruby.

Other comments from the night


  • The Morroccan coffee was tasty (according to Cilley.)
  • The decor is funky & fun


  • Too many babies!
  • Also, I am not sure if the waiter came & announced when happy hour was ending, which always makes me like waiters a LOT more.

And now for the photographic evidence!

The next brew review will be at MacTarnahan’s Taproom. (I am so looking forward to moving on to the next letter of the alphabet!)

This place fills up, so let me know if you’re coming so I can save space for you.

February 5, 2010.
4:30 – ???

MacTarnahan’s Taproom
2730 NW 31st
Portland Oregon, 97210

Happy hour is from 3 pm – 6 pm, and includes $3.30 pints, $4 wines, and food specials for under $4.

Hope to see you there!

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