Woo! Happy New Year’s Eve

I know everyone’s talked this to death, and it’s not even technically the end of the decade until next year, but whatever….a new number is showing up in the 10’s place tomorrow, so bite me decade purists!

I was not afraid of the end of the world or Y2K ten years ago. I was MUCH more interested in partying like it was 1999. Because, well, it was!

I had lived in LA for just over four months, and other than my roommate, didn’t have that many friends. So we got all gussied up (we bought new dresses for the occasion) and went to the party at the bar down the street. There was a cover, and that cover got us some free (really crappy) food & a free champagne toast at midnight. We had to pay for our own beers.

BUT – before we even mosied down the block, we started celebrating with our brothers & sisters around the globe. I believe we first toasted (with our signature Captain & Diet) with the Moscovites when they hit midnight. And we toasted with Paris & London & all points between before heading to the bar just after toasting with the New Yorkers.

I can’t lie and say that we drank moderately that evening (on the off chance that the world was going to end, I was going out in style), but I can say that I did manage to kiss a NUMBER of men at midnight. No one wanted to be left out.

I wish I had pictures of that evening, ’cause we were pretty, but they’re all stubbornly NOT digital images, and I’ve never bothered to scan them in (maybe if I remember later, I’ll update this post).

It was a good time. Although I don’t think either of us enjoyed the “Y2K hangover” we experienced the next morning.

I am assuming that tonight will be a LOT more mellow (partially because the emails regarding tonight’s celebration have all had the word ‘mellow’ in the subject line), but I think it will be just as fun, even if I end up kissing fewer men this year! 🙂

I hope everyone has a fun, safe evening, with a special shout-out to my 1999 partner in crime.

Happy New Years!

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