Training Goals: 12/7 – 12/13


Training Goals: 11/30 – 12/6

Monday: Bike to work (so far so good); and if I have any energy upon returning home, run. I would really like to get 5.25 miles in tonight to round out my November mileage (which is pretty pathetic). – Half Success. I biked to & from work, but did homework instead.

Tuesday: Bike to work & post-work weights. – SUCCESS! I biked to & from work & lifted after.

Wednesday: Post-work run. – SUCCESS! I ran 5 miles IN A ROW on hilly Terwilliger. Go me!

Thursday: I am again committing to my 5:30 spin class that I haven’t yet made it to even once. – FAIL! Due to a missed connection Wednesday night, I had to do school work Thursday instead; I really needed to finish a paper.

Friday: Rest day. – SUCCESS! I rested & traveled.

Saturday: Easy run – SUCCESS! I ran 3 miles in Rapid City, South Dakota (elevation 3400′) in under 11 minute miles. Also, I was threatened by a 5-point buck. And by threatened, I mean he looked at me, and I just kept running.

Sunday: I’m hoping for a nice easy walk; nothing major. – Eh….I didn’t really walk, because it was 8*, but I did do an exciting sprint in the Denver airport from gate B68 to B20 while carrying a laptop case, towing a roller suitcase & wearing a really heavy wool coat.

Training Goals: 12/7 – 12/13

Monday: walk with the architect; lift weights

Tuesday: run Terwilliger after work

Wednesday: Bike to work, freeze my ass off; weights after work

Thursday: rest day

Friday: run (I’m getting crazy & going for a six miler)

Saturday: bike ride; weights

Sunday: Ho Ho 5K

Have a good week ya’ll!  Don’t forget to enter the drawing for the holiday gift basket (you have until midnight Wednesday) – AND don’t forget that brew review is at Max’s Fanno Creek on Friday. I hope to see you there.

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