The Big Test

I studied a LOT for my mid-term today. I was nervous – this class is really hard for me. When I opened the test, I was afraid. It was really hard. I took about 18 of the 20 allotted minutes, and finally knew I’d done the best I could.

So, I saved my answers & hit “submit.”

The test said, “are you sure?”

Me: damn straight!

Test: You have no right to submit. You are not logged in.

Me: If I’m not logged in, how did I access the test at all?

Test: Log in, bitch.

I logged in. Went back to the page where I accessed the test. Clicked the test link.

Test: You’ve already taken this test! Click “OK” to view your score.

Me: Okay!

Test: You have no score, because you didn’t take the test.



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