Happy Thanksgiving!

Because every once in awhile, I can manage a nice post where I’m not bitching about people at the gym, or grad school, or whatever – I want to tell you the things that I am thankful for today.

1. My PBRs. Seriously – the best group of friends a runner (or anyone, really) could have. Love you all: Alisa, Mr. Pi, Sarah, Zach, IronJen, Emily, Cindy & Erika. (Also, as Sarah & I noted this morning, it is our one year anniversary of knowing Emily! YAY!)

2. My kick-ass neighbors. You guys are super awesome, and honestly, I can’t imagine better people living next door. Unless they were, Johnny Depp, or a suddenly 18-year-old Taylor Lautner or something.

3. My knitting girls. None of whom have blogs, so I can’t link to them. Dammit! You guys make knitting (and drinking wine & eating cheese) so much fun.

4. Beer. And Portland. And the beer in Portland.

5. Running. Such a huge part of my life – it’s definitely made my life more enjoyable AND has helped me meet a lot of cool people (see #1 above).

6. Books. I love to read – and I am currently only about 4 books away from reaching my 52 new books for the year goal. I will definitely make it. Also, I love the library, which is keeping me from going broke while reading a book a week.

7. All of you. You guys are awesome. Thanks for stopping by & commenting & making me feel that we live in such a great world.

8. Cats. I love my little monsters, and can’t imagine life without waking up with no covers because the cats were apparently cold.

9. Family – especially the family members that loaned me a table & chairs so I could accommodate the 14 people that will be showing up today!

10. The architect. He is the best, most amazing husband who has ever lived and I feel lucky to have him. He is so supportive of whatever I decide to do (marathons! triathlons! grad school!) and hardly ever never complains when I’m being ridiculous. Life would not be nearly as good without him (love you!).

I hope that you are all having a happy Thanksgiving (or, you know, if you’re not from the US – a GREAT Thursday) surrounded by those you love. I know I am!

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