Now what?
Now what?

Now what?

So – it has been four days since the marathon. I am feeling pretty good, physically. It doesn’t even hurt to go down stairs anymore (as of this morning). I am not a ravenous beast (and actually, wasn’t – even in the first couple of days). The only lingering effect is extreme tiredness – which might have almost as much to do with the travel & mild cold as the marathon.

I am ready for my first run post-marathon (Saturday!), but my bigger issue is – what next?

I’ve been training for something since April (first it was a couple of half marathons, then a triathlon & the marathon). Now I am at loose ends. I know that ‘going rogue‘ will not work for me – I need a plan!

I also think that my plans to do a 70.3 in 2010 are probably not going to work out. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I thought that a relatively stressful job + an intense graduate program + serious training = doable. HOWEVER, I also don’t just want to give up & do nothing but work & school for the next 2 years.

I think my next step will be planning for the next 4 months (Oct-Jan). I have a few goals I’d like to accomplish in that time – weight loss, strength gain, that one, elusive pull-up! Plus, I’d really like to increase my overall fitness & decrease my overall waist measurement. AND, I want to do all of that without it stressing me out.

I haven’t finalized my plan yet, but some of the things I’m looking at:

1) back to the nutritionist to develop a 4-month eating plan that will help me lose the weight I need to get off

2) back to yoga at least once/week

3) strength training (I really, really need my quads to be in better shape before my next long-distance race)

4) swimming lessons again

5) more biking

6) running, duh!

Ideally, I will swim & bike twice each week, run 2-3 times, yoga once & lift twice.  That is 9-10 workouts/week. That seems like a lot, when I consider that I also spend 2-3 hours each day on school work, 8ish hours 4 days/week at work, a couple hours a day commuting, and 8 hours sleeping.

I think that means that in an average week, I have 128 hours accounted for. I guess that still leaves 40 free hours, right? For eating & gardening & hanging out with the husband & friends…plenty of time!

However, since I’m not training for anything specifically at this point, I really do need to remember that flexibility is key. I am taking four months for myself & my health & sanity, and then, by February 1, 2010, I should know what the NEXT BIG THING will be! (I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be me, though!)



  1. CilleyGirl

    Wow, a couple of hours a day commuting? Is that biking, or even with driving? I live four minutes from my office and I do not miss commuting. Gotta love the burbs!

    How about a triathalon? Or one of those psychotic Ironmans?

    1. It takes me about 45 minutes each way to bike, and between 1 – 1.5 hours each way to bus.

      I cannot drive to work, due to the fact that there is no parking where I work (otherwise it would be 15-20 minutes one way).

      I’ve lived in places where it took almost 2 hours (in traffic) to go one-way (gotta love LA traffic) by car, and actually don’t mind (most of the time). If I bike, I get the exercise. If I bus, I get the reading time.

      I will probably do a couple of tris next year, will never do an Ironman (ha! never say never), and have to pick something that can’t require lots and lots of training.

  2. I have struggled with a lot of these same feelings. I had the fleeting memory while running the other day of the Presidential Fitness Test we had to pass (or in my case attempted to pass) each school year. I wish there was a simple standard that would be enough these days! I think your plans are inspirational and I wish you the best of luck!

  3. It sounds like you *have* a plan. And it sounds like a good one too. I think you should consider the next few months base training. That means if you don’t have time to fit in the workout – it’s all good.

    Are you running Saturday?

  4. Alisa

    You are crazy! I can’t plan my life out that far in advance =). I decided going completely rogue doesn’t work for me either but I also can’t plan every minute of the day =).

    I’m excited to hear about your next big thing, whatever that may be. I think one of my 2010 goals is to better my half marathon time. It’s doable and not as time consuming as marathon training. =)

    1. I want to better my half time, too – and that is definitely one of my 2010 goals. I may do another marathon, definitely do a couple of tris, but I don’t think I’m going to do anything crazy & new for 2010.

      First things first – lose the extra pounds – and stay strong & fit, though 🙂

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