Long Run Report + Training Goals

First – the report on last week’s goals. It is not pretty. This is the least amount of exercise I’ve had in one week in ages and ages.

Yesterday afternoon, I was pretty hard on myself about it. I felt like a lazy slacker with no self-discipline. I felt better by the end of the evening, though.  It was a tough week. Work was (and will continue to be) crazy. School started up again, and is very intense. I ran 20 miles last Sunday. I had crazy/bad PMS. There is only so much I can handle in one week before I start coping with wine. So I coped. Copiously.

Goals: 9/14 – 9/20

So – my basic goals: 3x run; 2x bike; 2x swim; some stretching every day.

Monday: rest. If I am not dead, maybe bike to work. Maybe. My new class starts tomorrow, too, so I think I just need to take it easy. Recover from the 20. – I rested like a champ. Honestly – I’m pretty good at hitting my rest day.

Tuesday: run 6ish miles. – I meant to, for reals. But work, it was the suck. So I went home & drank wine instead. FAIL!

Wednesday: bike to work. –SUCCESS! I did, in fact, bike to work. And most of the way home. Go me!

Thursday: bike to work. swim after work. who wants to meet me downtown for a drink post-work on Thursday? It’s my new tradition. Some people spin/run/swim on Wednesdays. I bike/swim/drink on Thursdays. It’s my new triathlon that I’m inventing. – FAIL! On all fronts. I did nothing, except the drinking part of my Thursday triathlon.

Friday: trail run, 90ish minutes.- I kind of ran. It was, however, the worst run I’ve had in a long, long time. Maybe ever. There were dry heaves. And dying. And light-headedness. I ended up with 4 miles. In 62 minutes. Yeah – awesome. I think there was a weird combo of things involving food too soon before the run + nasty, nasty cramps of death & destruction. I will not call this a fail, because although I didn’t run as far/long as I wanted, I did get some ab work in as well, what with the dry heaves.

Saturday: longish bike (25 miles); swim – FAIL! I had a lot of school work (and have more today) & just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m trying to let it go. There will be plenty of time for bike rides when the marathon is over in 2 (EEK!) weeks. It’s okay to take it easy now.

Sunday: run 13 miles. and tapering begins. – SUCCESS!

Long Run Report

I ran 13.5 miles. In my new shoes. My new shoes that were supposed to have about 15 miles on them before today’s run, but since I skipped the Tuesday run, and only went about 4 walk/run miles on Friday, they didn’t so much. At mile eight, my feet rebelled. I could keep my form when I was running, but it was painful. The only thing more painful than running? Walking.

The first 7 miles of the run were pretty good. I was maintaining my goal pace of 10:15-10:30 miles. The last 6.5 miles were not great.

The best part, though, was I met some pirates! They looked (and smelled) just like I think real pirates actually look (and smell). So – you know – not like Johnny Depp (unfortunately). They offered me rum! As this was just over 1.5 miles from my car, I did think about it – and asking them for a ride in their shopping cart. But, I decided to turn down the offer, and as I ran past them, one of them shouted, “You have a very nice butt!” I love pirates! ARGH!


Mile 1: 11:06 (warm-up mile)
Mile 2: 10:34
Mile 3: 10:28
Mile 4: 10:25
Mile 5: 11:07 (Gu break at the top of the mile)
Mile 6: 10:43
Mile 7: 11:13 (feet are starting to hurt….ow!)
Mile 8: 10:22
Mile 9: 10:57 (Gu break at the top of the mile)
Mile 10: 11:07 (owwww….stopped to walk, that was worse than running; not that it stopped me from trying it about ever mile from here out)
Mile 11: 11:34
Mile 12: 10:41
Mile 13: 11:23
Mile 13.5: 5:17 (10:36 pace)

Overall – 13.5 miles, 2:27:05, average pace 10:53.

So – not the worst time/pace ever. But oh the pain. And suffering. Poor little feet! Two bloody toes, 5 million blisters. I hope that the shoes can be effectively broken in over the next couple of weeks, as the last ones were past their expiration date & have been recycled.

I am two weeks pre-marathon. I feel alternately prepared & terrified.

I have a time goal – kind of – but my main goal is to not die (and not want a double foot amputation after). Hopefully doable. 🙂

Training Goals – 9/21 – 9/27

Monday: bike to work

Tuesday: run -5 miles (must do this in the morning. I am not ascared of the dark! I can do it! I can!)

Wednesday: bike to work

Thursday: run -5 mile. bike to work.

Friday: rest day; massage; head to Hood River for the wedding of the century.

Saturday: recover, maybe an afternoon walk or bike ride.

Sunday: run – 12 miles. Last long run pre-marathon.

Stretch. Watch the food intake. Ice.

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