Training Goals – 8/17 – 8/23

This was not a good week, training-wise.

Monday – REST! WOO! Except that I’m also going to my first swimming lesson. But it’s not super active, so it’s mostly rest. – SUCCESS! Except for the part where this wasn’t even close to rest. The Ambitious One is a hard taskmaster. She wore me out!

Tuesday – morning track workout. – SUCCESS! I did 1 mile warm + 4×400 with pushups/tricep dips/ squats & incline pushups between, + 3×800 (average time = fast) + 1 mile cool = total 5 miles.

Wednesday – bike to work, maybe a swim post-work. – FAIL! It was raining, so I did not bike (boo, pansy!), and then I was beginning to feel REALLY sore, in my shoulders from swim lessons & in my right thigh, most likely from the track workout.

Thursday – morning crazy weights, 30 minutes on dreadmill, PM yoga. – I did yoga. My shoulders were better, but my thigh – which I have now determined is a pulled groin muscle – is not better. In fact, it is pretty much BAD! Yoga helped.

Friday – 18 miles. – FAIL! This poor run kept getting downgraded. First 18, then 14, then to a bike ride, then to NOTHING. My groin says REST, bitch. So instead, I backpacked about 3 miles. That, fyi, does not help.

Saturday – we’ll be in the woods camping, so likely a long, long hike. – 1 mile backpack – we didn’t make it to our campsite Friday night, and then an awesome long hike. There was bouldering. With ropes. Pics to follow. I felt FANTASTIC most of the day. My groin was happy. In my head, I composed a long post about how bouldering is the cure for a pulled muscle.

Sunday – morning trail run. – I did not run. Instead, we backpacked out early (4 miles), hoping to get to Lake Stevens in time to see her come over the finish line. The groin does not like backpacking, so it was slow & agonizing, and we didn’t even get close to Lake Stevens in time to see anything. BOO!

So, now it’s Sunday night, and I can’t decide what to put in my training plan for the next week. My marathon is seven weeks away, and it hurts to walk. At this point, I can’t even imagine running. There is no way that I would take back this weekend – and I’ll talk more about that later this week when I post pictures – but I am in pain. I don’t want this to be a repeat of last year when I was to run the Portland marathon, but injured myself so severely that I ended up taking almost three full months off running. BUT, I also want to be able to get across that finish line with as little pain as possible.

What I’m thinking now – and would totally be open to suggestions, if you have them.

Monday – Swim lessons with the Ambitious One. This is not likely to exacerbate my groin pull.

Tuesday – Bike to work

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – easy AM run (not more than 3 miles), PM yoga

Friday – easy run, if Thursday’s is successful, not more than 5 miles; if I’m sore, swim instead

Saturday – easy bike

Sunday – long run; 14-17 miles, depending on how I feel.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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