Bountiful Harvest – Corn Chronicles Part the End for 2009

Other than the random tomato thief, who has struck at least twice (once in my garden, and once in my kick-ass neighbor’s garden), things have been good from the garden.

The corn children have mostly grown up & gone on to better things (like my belly). We’re starting to get lots of tomatoes. And peppers. The mustard is almost ready to be dried & mustardized. The Brussels sprouts are sprouting. My fall crop is in the ground & sprouting. The tomatillos are looking good – as are the potatoes.

The 24 hours of rain we got earlier this week refilled our empty barrels and made the garden all weedy again.

So – without further ado – the photos!

Life is very busy lately – and this weekend, the architect & I are FINALLY getting out of town for our first camping trip of the year. I am very much looking forward to it.

Also, I seem to have pulled a muscle in my thigh, and it hurts. I think I am going to just yoga today (I took yesterday off completely) and go for my 14 miles tomorrow….gotta take care of the leggies.

I also need to post my last TWO brew reviews, because I just realize I haven’t yet. The next is (tentatively) scheduled for Friday 8/21 at Lucky Lab. Let me know if that would work for you.

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