Serious Post: Advice Needed
Serious Post: Advice Needed

Serious Post: Advice Needed

I received an email from a friend who has been dealing with an injury/chronic pain condition for almost two years now. (Holy crap! Has it really been almost 2 years!)

She originally thought she’d pulled an oblique muscle, and was having a lot of pain in the oblique area that seemed to get worse when she would do such crazy things as run, walk, yoga, pilates, etc. Before you say, “see a doctor!” I want to let you know that she has seen more than just the one. Also a naturopath/acupuncturist, chiropractor, physical therapist, and a voodoo practicitioner (actually, that last one is probably made up on my part – if she’s tried some kind of voodoo, I’m not aware of it).

The pain has not stayed in the same place – it moves around. To her hip, or her other regions of the body, or Aruba (but it never stays in Aruba).  Recently, as a result of her most recent MRI, it was determined by the MRI reader that she has a labral tear. The doctor wants to do a diagnostic arthroscopy and surgery.

My friend was hoping that one of you crazy runner people out there has experienced a moving pain like this and/or has had this kind of arthroscopic procedure and can offer some words of wisdom/comfort/advice.

I don’t want to reveal a lot of details about her or the reasons why she’s trying to decide if it’s worth it to have the surgery now (with the resulting with intensive PT, 2x/week for one hour each time for 3 months) or wait another  6-12 months, but this is a decision she’s going to have to make fairly soon.

So – wise & helpful internets – what say you? Have you had a weird yet super painful injury like this? Have you had arthroscopic surgery? Would you do it now, even though that might mean a huge, stressful upheaval in an already stressed & upheaved life? Would you wait until you were less situationally anxious but deal with the (already 2 years of) pain for another year?

Please help a fellow runner out, so she can run pain-free again. Thanks in advance! You guys are the awesomest.


  1. Ok… I know people are starting to say I’m out there…but Dr. John Sarno addressses exactly this issue. It’s all about how your pain is actually caused by emotional distress, which is usually from repressed rage. That is a completely short synoposis but he talks about people who no standard doctor can help and how the pain just moves if they resolve it in one place. I have hugely benefited from the books and it ended my IT band battle.

    I would say if she is open to it…read the book, it’s a cheap option and if she just really doesn’t agree with it no biggie. Also note he isn’t saying your pain is not real, it totally is!! He just gives you a different way to think about it which is huge.

  2. Kirsten

    I’ve also read some John Sarno and think the guy really may be onto something. I’m not a new-agey type at all but if your friend is receptive, it can’t hurt to read the book.

  3. I don’t have an answer but I do feel her pain, I tore my “core” muscle (I forget the real name for it) 2 years ago and it hurt to laugh! It took almost 6 months to heal completely.

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