Brew Reviews #7 & #8

I can’t believe I haven’t yet blogged my last two reviews! One was in June! I am a slacker. Please don’t fire me.

So – these are going to be craptastic reviews, because I waited so long & lost all my notes (boooooo)

First – Brew Review #7 – Hopworks (June 26, 2009)

We had a decent crowd for this one. There was a sampler tray. With the exception of one Barleywine (which almost everyone hated), the beers were good. There was a good IPA & a good red. And something they’d just tapped that was really good (I know, helpful, right?)

The food was cheap & plentiful & delicious.

Also – I really like their building, their commitment to organic stuff & their beer (and did I mention the delicious beer?)

Overall – good food, good beer, decent prices & excellent company. A good time was had by all!

And now – Brew Review #8 (Laurelwood, NW location, July 17, 2009)

So – I would LOVE to show you pictures of this one, ’cause I was super cute. BUT, I deleted them off my camera. And then deleted them off my picture folder BEFORE uploading them. Which is just dumb.

So – smaller crowd for this one – just the architect, Ashley & me.

For the first time in a long, long time, we did not get the beer sampler tray – but instead went right into the delicious IPAs. It was hot. I had run eleventy hundred miles, and we were hungry & thirsty.

We had delicious fish tacos. And hummus, and some good beers. I think that Laurelwood is quite possibly my favorite brewery here in Portland. I love their beers (their current Imperial Red on tap is so very good). I love all three locations. Their food is good. They have a growler club, and last time, we filled a growler for $1!

Anyways – I love Laurelwood. And it was so much fun.

I just really suck in that I don’t have pictures, or notes, or anything useful, other than YUM! 🙂

So – next brew review.

Friday, August 28, 2009. Lucky Lab.

I haven’t picked a location yet. I’ve been to the SE location, so would like to try one of the others. If you think you might be available, let me know which you’d prefer – the NW location or the Capitol Highway location. Both have pizza, but the NW location also has the sandwiches.

Right now, I’m leaning towards the NW location because I like sandwiches, but could be swayed if enough SW lovers voted that way (and also promised to show up).

So – please join us for review #9 – the architect & I will be showing up at around 4:30 (I can’t find any evidence that there is a special happy hour, but if you know differently, let me know). Please RSVP so we make sure to have enough seating for everyone!

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