Weird week….

This was not a good week for following my workout plan.

I was so sore from my too-fast 14 miler last Sunday, that everything got pushed. Friday turned out to be oddly scheduled, so I didn’t get my trail run in. I didn’t run between last Sundays 14 and today’s 15. By the way – I do not recommend that plan!

Yesterday I did an open water swim – by myself. It sucked. I decided after that I would most likely drown during my triathlon. I kept panicking and not being able to catch my breath. I’m going one more time this Wednesday – and Jen has promised to swim with me & make sure I don’t die (she also said it was very unlikely I would die during my tri- since I will be wearing a wetsuit & they do have rescue personnel to watch).  All previous confidence I had was shot, though.

After the OWS, I did some schoolwork and then headed to the Oregon Brewers Festival to meet her & her & him & a few others w/ no blogs. It was much fun, and I tasted some beers, but had to head home to do more school work.

This morning, I met Sarah at 8 AM for our 15 miler. We had run 15 miles together once before, but that was an accident. Today was tough. It was HOT! And neither of us had run all week (FAIL!). But, we made it. We totally needed to water refill stops, and have decided that we will have to start earlier until the temperatures go down again, but we ran 15 miles! My final time was 2:59 – which was slower than we’d wanted – but the last 5 miles were super slow due to walk breaks. We were so hot & dehydrated (we both stopped sweating at about mile 10).

After a brief cooldown, we headed for brunch (yum) and then back to the Brew fest to meet the architect. I am now trying to cool down and will soon shower & do more school work. And probably eat again. And make that damn pie!

I am feeling a lot more confident about the running – although I definitely need new sports bras – the chafing is not pretty, people. Not pretty at all!

6 responses to “Weird week….

  1. Great job on the run. It is HOT out there, and there’s not much shade on the SW. Way to tough it out. So fun seeing you yesterday at the Brew Fest! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. 🙂

  2. yea the heat is frying me too. boo.

  3. very good that you have friends who will make sure you do not die. I hope your week is a little more calm so you can do a few more runs…yes not running in between sounds hard to me.

  4. YAY for 15 miles!

  5. Go you guys! I can’t believe you had the strength to make me pie after 15 miles! Does this mean you still love me even though I get unbelievably krunk and wake up with unexplained bruises on my knees? I sure hope so…

    • Making the pie wasn’t the hard part. Having the strength to avoid EATING the pie – that was difficult! 🙂