Midweek update
Midweek update

Midweek update

This has not been my most successful of workout weeks. I have done zero cardio since Sunday. Why? you might ask. Well, because JM & my kick-ass neighbor killed me on Sunday (you might even say that they collectively KICKED MY ASS!).

That 14 mile run (10.2 miles at 45 seconds faster than my HM race pace) did some damage. My right hip has been killing me ever since. To the point where I haven’t been sleeping well due to the achy pains.

I also remembered that I do need to schedule one rest day every week. If I feel good & decide to do something that day, bonus! But if I don’t, then a workout isn’t lost. I took Monday off due to ow, and then pushed Monday’s workout to Tuesday, skipping my 5 mile run Tuesday. Wednesday, I really did intend to hit the pool before yoga in the park (thanks for coming JM!), but couldn’t get there in time, and yoga was the priority yesterday. We worked on some hip openers, which was good.

This morning, I still couldn’t get up in time to run, but am hoping to crank through my workload today & leave a bit early to get in a short run before tonight’s regular yoga session.

Tomorrow I will do my trail run, and, time permitting, a pool swim. Saturday I will do an OWS & bike, and then Sunday I’m doing a 15 miler. With JM. Who has promised to not kill me this time (and even claims to be a bit sore herself). According to the Runner’s World calculator, my long runs should be at about an 11:30 pace. Which, in case you really suck at math, is much, much slower than a 9:36 pace. Much.

I understand why long runs go at slower than marathon pace – and it’s so we can walk the next day & continue training! So – goal for tonight’s run is 11:00 pace (4-5 miles). Goal for tomorrow’s run is 12:00 pace (trails, that is always the goal). Goal for Sunday’s run: 11-11:30 pace (15 miles, between 2hrs, 45min & 2hrs, 52min). The last time I ran 15 miles was an accident, and we did it in 2:57….most of that was on trails, also we got lost (getting lost is kind of our MO), so I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine. As long as we get started early enough to beat the heat.

So – Saturday…..I am doing my 2nd OWS, and the first w/ the wetsuit. I’m a bit nervous about that. What are the chances I’ll get stuck in the wetsuit all contorted and be trapped for hours?


  1. Zero chance of that! Usually people are nervous *without* a wetsuit.

    Yikes on that pace. You were rocking. Way way way faster than 11:30. Sounds like your body was teaching you a lesson. That’s pretty cool that you ran that fast though.

    Sounds like lots of workouts this week. Don’t feel bad about missing out on a run or two. Lesson learned. We all do it the hard way don’t we.

    1. I just need to be okay with NOT keeping up with my faster friends! It’s nice to run with people faster, because it does push my limits – but I need to be more aware of when I’ve reached that limit & then back off. It is still pretty cool that I CAN run that fast – gives me confidence for my next half marathon – maybe I can break two hours someday! 🙂

      I’m actually more worried about getting the wetsuit on & off than the swimming part 🙂 Sometimes I get tangled up in my own sports bras! 🙂

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