Training Goals: 7/27 – 8/1
Training Goals: 7/27 – 8/1

Training Goals: 7/27 – 8/1

Can you believe that it’s almost August?  CRAZY!  Last week’s recap (it is not pretty, people – not pretty at all).

July 20 – July 26, 2009

Monday: strength/elliptical – same old, same old – FAIL! Due to the fact that I was dead, I took a rest day.

Tuesday: AM tempo run (5 miles) + PM bike – FAIL! Still mostly dead. I did, however, do 30 minutes of strength training, so partial success. Kind of.

Wednesday: AM swim (*fingers crossed*) + PM yoga in the park – I tried to get my swim in before yoga, but ended up leaving work too late to do both. I did get to yoga. It was kind of awesome! So – partial success.

Thursday: AM easy run (3 miles) + PM regular yoga – I did yoga again. Still no running. Still dying of pain in the hips due to the super fast 14 miler last Sunday.

Friday: swim (1300 yds) + trail run (8 miles) – SUPER FAIL! I went berry picking, which took a super long time, and then I had homework. I also have more excuses if you’re interested.

Saturday: open water swim + bike – half success. if you want to call it that. I did not bike. I did OWS. It sucked. I kept having panic attacks in the water, and did not feel good at all after. It was super scary and I decided after that it is likely I will die during my triathlon next Saturday. I have since been mildly reassured, but still….SCARY!

Sunday: long run (15 miles) – Finally – success! 15 miles. 2:59. 95 degrees. WIN!

July 27 – August 1, 2009

Monday: strength training.

Tuesday: morning track workout (virtually w/ JM).

Wednesday: final pre-triathlon open water swim. This time with her & her & her & him, so probably I won’t die.

Thursday: morning easy run. evening yoga.

Friday: rest day. stretching & icing.

Saturday: triathlon. *gulp*

Sunday: 8-10 mile long, slow run.


  1. Was it ONLY 95?? Seriously. Painful 🙂 I woke up at 3 am soooo sore and had to stretch for an hour, with my door open cooling off my house! Started looking for yoga for runners DVDs. What was the audio routine you recommended?

  2. Alisa

    If you’re serious about a long slow run on Sunday, I might be up for it, assuming the tri doesn’t kill me. =)

    I did 10 last friday at 11:30 avg, so I’m still much slower than you guys but I we could at least start together. I don’t mind running alone and bringing up the rear. Lemme know!

    Missed ya last week, you would love the bike trail in Sac, it’s got some rollers but is mostly flat and along the American River. You can run on the paved part or take the side trails. I took some of the side trails but then worried about rattle snakes.

    1. long, slow run Sunday would be good. 11:30 average would be great (our Sunday 15 mile average ended up being almost 12, so faster would be better – although not under 10 or anything!)

      It might just be you & me Sunday. Let’s tentatively plan a run & then connect Sunday morning to confirm that neither of us are dead 🙂

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