Training Goals for 6/29 – 7/5 (plus half marathon goals)
Training Goals for 6/29 – 7/5 (plus half marathon goals)

Training Goals for 6/29 – 7/5 (plus half marathon goals)

Last week’s recap:

June 22 – June 28, 2009

Monday – trail run, 10+ miles – Check! I did 10.1

Tuesday – swim + mountain bike + push-ups – Check! I swam 1,000 yards, including a set of 800 yards for the 1st time in ages, did an 11.2 mile mountain bike ride with the architect, in which we averaged 8.8 mph, which I was pleased with because my legs were trashed from the previous day’s run & the morning’s swim, and did my push-ups as well – 71 total, in case you care.

Wednesday – weights + easy 3-4 mile run – Weights, check! run, no. my legs were a little wiped out from the Monday/Tuesday workouts, did my push-ups…

Thursday – yoga, maybe a bike, push-ups – Yoga, check! Did not ride, and did the push-ups on Wednesday, so none today.

Friday – trail run, 10+ miles again – Check! I ran 10.75 miles on Wildwood, meaning I have only have 1.75 miles left of Wildwood trails to be able to say I ran the whole thing in 2009! Go me!

Saturday – mountain bike ride, a little further than Tuesday’s, push-ups – Hmmm….I did ride my mountain bike. Not on a mountain, although there was a small hill. And I did ride it to the Organic Beer Fest. Which involved lifting glasses of beer to my lips, which is almost like a push-up, right? Right?

Sunday – long run, 8-10 miles – I did run – 5.15 miles (to even out the week’s totals). I got super lost in the neighborhood I was running in, and couldn’t find any good places to run that weren’t suburban neighborhoods with streets that have never even seen a straight line. The only roads I knew I wouldn’t get lost on were super busy roads with no sidewalks, so I cut my run short.

I ended the week with:

26 miles run

1000 yards in the pool

21.9 miles on the bike

Overall, nearly 12 hours of fitness related activity! Nice to have to only work two days!

June 29 – July 5, 2009

This is a taper week, so I will likely not get 12 hours of exercise in this week.

Monday: strength training (45 minutes), elliptical (15 minutes)

Tuesday: six mile easy run

Wednesday: braving the gym post-work again for a swim & bike brick

Thursday: three mile easy run

Friday: rest day, I think

Saturday: Foot Traffic Half Marathon!

Sunday: swim/bike – I am comtemplating riding my bike to the pool, and then riding home on Leif Erickson. We’ll see how trashed my legs are after the half mary. I may just try for an easy recovery swim.

Before my last half marathon, the only activity I did in the 7 days leading up to the race was one 90-minute yoga session. This time, I have activity planned every day, albeit lighter than usual activity. We’ll see what strategy works best for me.

Half Marathon Goals

I did not train nearly as hard in the last eight weeks leading up to this half marathon as I did in the previous 3 months before the 2009 Hippie Chick Half.  I think that I only did one speed workout, and one set of hill repeats.

I didn’t get in as many miles, either. I ran 100 miles in April, and only 124 in May & June combined. I am not sure how those changes will affect my running on Saturday. I have put in about the same amount of trail miles in May & June (46.25) as I did in March & April (40.18), but I’m just not sure what my legs are going to be doing on Saturday.

I have two shorter runs this week (six & three miles) that I intend to run pretty easy. My yoga class is on hiatus this week, too. I guess my main goals are:

1. Finish strong

2. Run smart (last time I was dehydrated, didn’t carry my water, and sabotaged my pace by not taking enough water)

3. PR (of course, who doesn’t want to PR?)

I’m not sure I can PR with the lackadaisical training I’ve been doing, but I think I can still come close. Even on my long trail runs, my pace is pretty consistently coming in 12 minute miles or less, and on my shorter runs, I’m definitely averaging about a 10 minute mile most of the time….I need to average between a 10:18 & 10:23 minute mile to beat my last time of 2:16:57.

But, if I don’t, it’s not a big deal. There will be another race, I’m sure.

S0 – thoughts on my taper week plans & goals? What are you doing this week?


  1. Alisa

    Awesome plans and goals. AWESOME week last week too! Damn chica, 12 hours of fitness related activity. Jen’s totals weren’t even that high. WAY TO GO!

    Trail running and hills certainly make you a stronger runner–I read somewhere in RW that running hills/trails is as good or better than doing straigh speedwork.

    Wishing you lots of luck! Do stay hydrated, I know you’re a delicate flower hehe!

  2. 11 miles on the mtb is no joke. Nice work. You hit it hard this week. Seriously, twelve hours is like a part time job. Lacksadasical training? Since when is 12 hours lazy? You worked your butt off!

    I’m excited to see how this race goes for you. I’ve had friends who shocked the hell out themselves because they didn’t train as much as they usually do.

    1. lackadaisical with the exception of last week, is probably what I should’ve said. my workout calendar in the early part of June looks pretty wimpy, and I really didn’t rack up the miles I’d planned.

      I think this week, I just really need to concentrate on stretching & icing a LOT. My hips and ankles have been pretty sore lately, and I’d really like to feel GOOD after the half, and not like I want to die. 🙂

      Starting right after the half, I go into full marathon training, and I am unaccountably scared! EEK! Have you done a full marathon schedule? Are you following a plan? I’d be interested in seeing it, since we’re running on the same day. I kind of looked through your archives, but didn’t see anything pop out at me.


  3. You really did have a stellar week – even with the again crappy suburbia run that I ditched you on. Our half is going to be great. My goal – get to the end and eat strawberreis 🙂 Easy peasy!

    1. I think that the part about reaching the finish line & eating strawberries will happen pretty definitely. 🙂

      I just wish I’d looked at the map one last time before heading out. Because then I would’ve turned on the computer. And checked my email…..and not sent you a dozen texts & VMs!

      No worries about the ditching – as long as you were having fun. *smirk*

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