Training Goals 6/15 – 6/21

And the recap from the week ending today:


Bike twice (Tuesday & Saturday): I biked once (Tuesday)- which is way more than last week. Go me!

Weights twice (Monday & Wednesday): I weighted once (Monday) which is the same as last week, and then I couldn’t move my arms for three days….so, partial success

Swim once (Wednesday): I swam Sunday – 1,000 yards, so that’s good!

Yoga once (Thursday): I made it this week and was the class example for wheel pose:

Run 2-3 times (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday and MAYBE Thursday): The goal should’ve read to run 3-4 times, as three is the minimum number. And it was achieved – I ran Tuesday, Friday & Sunday. Thursday’s run was skipped due to power outage that caused me to oversleep.

Feel free to mix up workout days….just no dropping the cross-training, dammit! – I did my pushups twice (yay) and abs twice (woo), and ended up with a hike on Saturday with the architect instead of a bike, so I logged 12 hours & 23 minutes of activity this week. And that is a lot for me.

Also, no skipping long runs due to mojitos. That is not cool. I had a mojito-free week! More success!

This week’s goals

Monday: Weights + elliptical to round out to an hour

Tuesday: Morning Run (Hill repeats)

Wednesday: Post-work weights (with AO & maybe her, too!) then a swim

Thursday: AM bike (maybe), PM yoga

Friday: Trail run & new gym class (with AO)

Saturday: Long run of 12-14 miles

Sunday: Afternoon bike ride

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