Today is hotter than it seems
Today is hotter than it seems

Today is hotter than it seems

Subtitle: Portland Public Parks Report Appalling Lack of Public Restrooms

I just finished a great 6 mile run. Well, almost great. It is warmer than I thought outside and about 1/4 mile away from home (at the beginning of the run), I realized I really had to pee. I thought about going back, but I knew if I went back, I might feel the urge to check my email. I also knew that in about 1.5 miles, I would be running by a park, so I would just stop there.

It was great, though, because I was feeling great today (other than the bladder issue).  My first mile came in at 10:22 – which is just where I like to be for a mid-distance Friday run.  Mile 2 came in at 10:02. I was concerned that I was going to fast (I was so close to the park, and was getting eager), but I never really ran out of steam.

Park #1 – no visible bathroom

Park #2 – no visible bathroom

My 3rd mile was a bit slower (10:39) – I was actually running THROUGH park #2 looking for a bathroom. I didn’t find one. (I did find a water fountain though – which brought up an interesting conundrum…I am very thirsty, but also very much have to pee….what to do!)

Park #3 – no visible bathroom

Mile 4 was my desperate mile – I came in at 9:42. After that, though, I knew I was headed home & would be out no more than 20ish minutes. Also, I think the hot & sweat made my body reabsorb the urine (ewwwww), so the urge finally passed.

Park #4 – no visible bathroom

Miles 5 & 6 seemed super hard & slow, so I’m surprised that I came in at 10:45 (well, that’s not a surprise) & 10:01 (SURPRISE!) for those.

Overall, finished in 1:01:37 – a great time (for me) for a 6 mile mid-afternoon run in the summer.

Now – it’s finally time to shower & drink some beer.


  1. I hate searching for a bathroom while I’m running! I used to plan my runs around where I could find bathrooms easily because you never know when the urge may strike.

    I hope you enjoyed your beer…with a bathroom nearby!

    1. If there had been any kind of hiding behind a tree, I would’ve – but by the time I got to a woodsy enough area to hide my bare ass, I was close enough to home. Also, I’m more shy than you! 🙂

    1. If I had been in the woodsy park, I totally would’ve – and of course, I know where the bathrooms are in the woodsy park, anyways! These were lovely parks with beautiful trees that offered no shelter or concealment of any kind. I need to go back when I’m not running & find the bathrooms that have to exist somewhere!

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