Corn Chronicles (Part IV)

It is time for your weekly corn update! (I am fully aware that this is probably not nearly as interesting as the suspiciously absent shoe porn feature, but I love my garden so much.)

The corn is having quite a growth spurt lately – even the crazy storm last Thursday couldn’t keep it down for long!

Carrie Corn (still the biggest in the garden) is about 2 feet at her tallest point (an 8-inch growth spurt in the last week). James Corn, who was a measly 7″ last week is now pushing 12″ – and was one of the few corns not knocked over by the storm – his smallness protected him, I believe.

They are getting to that point in their lives where they no longer listen to anything I say, and I think a few of them tried to sneak out of the garden last night – perhaps to meet up with some of the corns down the street.

The rest of the garden is growing like crazy. I think my potatoes are growing a few inches/day, too, and if you look real close, you can see tiny baby broccolis.

I also have baby pumpkins, butternut squashes & yellow squashes.  The bamboo is settling (kind of) into its new home, and I just hope it doesn’t get too crappy looking before recovering.

The architect & I are going camping this weekend, so the garden will be on its own for a few days. I hope those crazy corns don’t get into too much trouble!

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