Brew Review #6

This was one of the more unique experiences I’ve ever had.  We went to Full Sail here in Portland (their main brewery is in Hood River, of course).  The Full Sail here is in the South Waterfront area & we actually found free parking right away. (SCORE!)

I had a little difficulty finding it. I had in my head that it was next to the McCormick & Schmick’s – and the brewery is. However, if you want to DRINK the beer (which we did), you actually have to go into the McCormick & Schmick’s.  Fortunately, we figured that out fairly quickly.

It was just the architect & I this time – which was probably good, because the only bar table still available was a two-seater.

We were pretty jazzed about the cheap happy hour food (seriously this food was CHEAP) and were both starving after a long day of yard work, so we each ordered a pint of the Slipknot Imperial IPA.

It was really good.

Now, I’m not a very good beer reviewer. I’ve only recently learned how to identify a malty tasting beer. This wasn’t so much malty. It was a delicious hoppy delight, though! We both REALLY enjoyed the beers. They do not, however, have a happy hour beer special, so each pint was $4.75.

The food was a different story. We ordered the chips & salsa to share ($1.95), the architect ordered a cheeseburger & fries ($2.95) and I had the blackened chicken quesadilla ($3.95).

The food was…..alright. It tasted like very cheap food. The quesadilla was so greasy that I needed a new (cloth) napkin about halfway through. We didn’t even finish the chips & salsa (although maybe we’ve just been spoiled by the recent abundence of really good salsa that moved in next door – I think there were also people attached to that salsa, but much less important).

It was only after the server walked away after taking our orders (we were starvin’ marvins – and thirsty), did I realize that I did not order my traditional sampler tray.

So, after the pints were nearly gone, we got a ($9) sampler tray. I really thought that like Deschutes, we would be able to select our own samples (the architect really wanted to try their D-Lite summer special), but no – the six samples were pre-ordained.

We got:

  1. the Full Sail Amber
  2. the regular Full Sail IPA
  3. the Grand Sun IPA
  4. the Full Sail Pale
  5. The Keelhauler Stout
  6. the LTD

Initially, I thought $9 was a bit much for a six-tray sampler (when you don’t even select your own), but they were fairly generous samples:

Our reactions – captured at the moment

  1. Amber – doesn’t even smell good; average taste as long as you don’t breathe it in
  2. IPA – world’s most average IPA; the reason Amy used to think she didn’t like IPAs
  3. Grand Sun IPA – full of delicious yummy hops
  4. Pale – not as bad as Coors Lite; a world of blah (courtesy the architect) and pale in color, intensity AND flavor (that was me)
  5. Keelhauler – very good, but no way I could drink a whole pint of this
  6. LTD – subtle flavors, but still good.

We also had not learned from our previous food mistakes (and the architect was still hungry) so we ordered the hummus plate ($1.95).

You guessed it – bleh.

So – overall it was a pretty cheap night. The total bill (w/o tip) was under $30, and $19 of that was the beer. It was a lot of food for $10, and if you don’t care too much about flavor, that’s a good deal. We didn’t order anything off the regular menu, so not sure if that would’ve been better (although I’m really hoping it would be).

The beers – the special IPAs & the LTD were quite good, but their regular brews were average. If you’d asked me about 3 years ago, I may have given them a more glowing review, but I’m not sure if we just ended up with inferior batches or if in the world of Portland beers, they are just not up to the standards of some of the other breweries.

We had pretty good service, though, considering how busy it was – and although the bar decor was weird, it was a nice location.

I would recommend it for a cheap happy hour if you aren’t that interested in good food but don’t mind paying about $5 for a decent pint.

3 stars (new rating system I just made up right now… means nothing)

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  • Alisa
    June 10, 2009 - 12:30 pm ·

    Haha I love your meaningless rating system.

    The regular menu, at least in Boston, was pretty good. I know Justin has been to the happy hour downtown a couple of times. Does sound cheap!

    I am not a fan of malty beers, I’m a wheaty and hoppy girl. Sounds like the Grand Sun IPA would be for me.

  • Justin
    June 10, 2009 - 3:07 pm ·

    That sounds about on par with my one experience there. Still, isn’t Portland great that this place is below average?

  • Sarah
    June 10, 2009 - 3:46 pm ·

    hahaha! I love the rating system. BUT I think 3 stars sounds about right 🙂 I want to try to go again next time. I promise just because I gave up due to crappy traffic last time, I will show up!! What’s next??

  • Sarah
    June 10, 2009 - 3:48 pm ·

    I just left a comment – and it’s gone. boo. Basically – the rating system sounds right, I want to be invited again, I like the pictures.

  • Sarah
    June 10, 2009 - 3:49 pm ·

    and wait – now they are all back and I look like a stalker. So one more comment to point out – I am NOT a stalker, I am just having internet issues.