This week = FAIL!
This week = FAIL!

This week = FAIL!

I think I will move porn to Fridays – less mid-week pressure, and plus how better to spend my days off than looking at shoes!

So, now we need a new Wednesday theme. How about ‘excuses for why Amy isn’t exercising this week?’ Good, no?

So far I have:

1. Monday I had to console the architect by taking him out for drinks & greasy bar food

2. Tuesday I woke up with a pain in the neck. I assumed it was just from sleeping weird & it would eventually go away. By Tuesday afternoon, I had pain radiating down my right shoulder area into my mid-back & up my neck into my head. Driving home (yay! driving! my new parking spot has cut my commute time from an average of 90 minutes in the morning & 2 hours in the evening to about 35-40 minutes door-to-door) was really hard, what with my desire to turn my head being thwarted by my inability to turn my head. So I did what any dedicated fitness buff in her first week of tri-athlon training and a half marathon on Saturday would do – I stopped on my way home & picked up a bottle of wine.

3. Wednesday morning I was still unable to turn my head comfortably, so I did not swim, since the only stroke I know is the freestyle & if I remember correctly (I haven’t been in the pool since FEBRUARY!) there was some head turning involved with that.

4. Wednesday afternoon is supposed to be my first bike ride of my tri- training. I think I can do this if I wear my regular shoes & pretend my bike has regular pedals. BUT, should I run instead? Should I do both? I am planning on running tomorrow before my yoga class – which I will not skip – it is already paid for. (Even if the instructor has not yet cashed my check almost THREE WEEKS LATER – does that drive anyone else crazy? just me?)

I have my first half of the season (and, to be honest, my second ever) on Saturday. I ran the same course last year & I really, really want to PR. A LOT. I will be running another half on 7/4 on a flat course, so this isn’t my last shot at a sub 2:15, but I really want it. What do I do? I am planning on calling the magic chiropractor tomorrow if it isn’t better, but I feel like I may have some kind of nerve pinching thing going on.



  1. Alisa

    I think you’ll sub 2:15…if you don’t Saturday you WILL on 7/4. Regardless, you’ll PR on Saturday.

    Sorry bout the neck. You’d laugh at me if I told you why my neck has been hurting the last two days, I laugh at me.

    Next week, let’s hit the pool together. I haven’t been back since March. Ugh!

  2. Alisa

    P.S. Would also like to get to a weights class sometime. I think they have those classes in the PM too if you’re not wanting a 6am class.

  3. I’m not a fan of biking when my neck is stiff. It seems to ratchet things up for me. Surprisingly swimming has HELPED me with neck/shoulder issues in the past – but it’s always a struggle to make myself go when I hurt so…
    I hope it feels better. DEFINITELY get to the chiro – you don’t want anything to be messing up your chance at your PR this weekend!! Good luck!

  4. Damn girl. You got a lot going on right now.

    You totally did the right thing on Monday taking the time off from workouts. Priorities! (tuesday too with the wine decision)

    You sound like you need to take a little time off until the race this weekend. That seems like it should take precedent over the bike right now.

    I hope your body starts to feel better. It’s probably from he swimming – especially since you haven’t swam since Feb. I’m not a pro by any means, but I do swim very regularly. It sounds like you need to turn your head/neck less and roll your body more. Does that make sense? Just a suggestion. Plus it a relatively new event added to the routine.

    Take care of yourself girly – and don’t be too hard on yourself for making adjustments to the weekly schedule.

    1. I would so love to blame this on the swimming, but today was supposed to be my first day back in the pool in 2.5 months, and I didn’t make it, so I probably can’t. (I don’t really like to swim, so I would totally use that as a scapegoat.)

      Maybe I’ll just make this an easy week – I’m tapering, right?

  5. Hey GR, I have no advice except perhaps to rest a bit?

    I am going through crap now with my shin.

    Don’t stress out girlie sometimes those type of things disappears as fast they they appear!!

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