Continuing this week’s theme

I haven’t run since last Friday. My neck turns on its own today (well, not on its own, it still needs me to order it to turn, but it doesn’t need outside assistance – we have no Exorcist issues going on) and very little discomfort.

I haven’t done ANYTHING this week. My weekly training program is a bunch of ‘not dones’. And honestly? I’m almost okay with it. I’m a little nervous that my week off will impact my ability to run on Saturday, but I also know I trained WAY harder this year than last. I’m also more cognizant of what happens when you ignore illness/injury & keep running anyway (torn hamstring & 3 months off running, in case you were wondering), so I think I made the right choice.

I know I’ll be back on track next week, but right now I’m just looking for reassurance that I won’t have somehow forgotten how to run in 7 days. And that I won’t have to walk my half marathon and then end up collapsing in a blubbering pile of fail at mile 8. Reassure me, please…..

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