so sleepy
so sleepy

so sleepy

I don’t think I’ve blogged about my kick-ass new neighbors yet (hi kick-ass new neighbors!), and I’m not sure I have the energy to do so today. I am sleeeeeeeeeepy.

I had a great weekend – the architect & I are making a patio in our backyard, so we worked hard on digging & lugging & hauling & being all strong & stuff. I bought a grill, so we grilled Friday evening & then again last evening.

I had my great trail race on Sunday.

Last night, our kick-ass new neighbors came over & we grilled up some corn & various meat products. We had rice & drinks. And then, once again, we had more drinks. And soon, it was the middle of the night! (for me, that’s any time after 11 on a school night.)

And so, I went home. Drank some water and went to bed. Which is exactly what I would like to do RIGHT NOW!

Tonight, I think there are going to be tacos. But probably not beer – at least not for me!

The good news is that I think everyone escaped last night without injury. No broken toes, no bruised tailbones….so we’re definitely making progress!

I hope everyone else had an equally kick-ass weekend!


  1. thanks, i did have a kick ass weekend! 🙂
    great job on the trail race! they had poptarts??!! yum! i think that races are a great place to eat what u don’t allow yourself normally. know what i want to see at the refreshment table sometime? hostess fruit pies. haven’t had one in over a decade. probably longer.

  2. good neighbors can be tons of fun. we’ve had some good ones in the past (but not at this house). if you got into some grilling and drinking and nobody fell down i would call it a success too!

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