so sleepy

I don’t think I’ve blogged about my kick-ass new neighbors yet (hi kick-ass new neighbors!), and I’m not sure I have the energy to do so today. I am sleeeeeeeeeepy.

I had a great weekend – the architect & I are making a patio in our backyard, so we worked hard on digging & lugging & hauling & being all strong & stuff. I bought a grill, so we grilled Friday evening & then again last evening.

I had my great trail race on Sunday.

Last night, our kick-ass new neighbors came over & we grilled up some corn & various meat products. We had rice & drinks. And then, once again, we had more drinks. And soon, it was the middle of the night! (for me, that’s any time after 11 on a school night.)

And so, I went home. Drank some water and went to bed. Which is exactly what I would like to do RIGHT NOW!

Tonight, I think there are going to be tacos. But probably not beer – at least not for me!

The good news is that I think everyone escaped last night without injury. No broken toes, no bruised tailbones….so we’re definitely making progress!

I hope everyone else had an equally kick-ass weekend!

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