May 4 – May 10 Training Plan

Last week’s plan:

Monday: Rest (yay! Accomplished!)

Tuesday: LSD – 6-8 miles 6.55 miles at super slow pace; still recovering from the sick.

Wednesday: LSD with speed pickups if I’m feeling up to it – 4-6 miles; abs & push-ups – 5 miles accomplished, again super slow, no pickups; no abs, no pushups

Thursday: yoga – accomplished! yay!

Friday: hill run – 6 miles; abs & push-ups – 5.5 ridiculously steep miles done, forgot Leo, so not sure of actual distance or time; no abs or pushups (pansy!) PS – check the elevation chart!

Saturday: 10 mile run – I was wiped from pushing through the sick so hard all week, so I made the executive decision to skip

Sunday: spectate at Eugene; hopefully get some walking in; abs & push-ups – we did some walking, I did more walking & gardening in the afternoon; again no abs or push-ups; that needs to change

Weekly mileage: 27.55 – actual – 17.05

This week’s plan

Monday: arms & abs

Tuesday: 8 easy miles

Wednesday: AM swim, PM bike (8-12 miles)

Thursday: 5 easy mile, Yoga

Friday: Rest Day (arms & abs, maybe a walk, I will NOT be doing strenuous gardening)

Saturday: Hippie Chick Half

Sunday: gardening, arms & abs

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