May 4 – May 10 Training Plan
May 4 – May 10 Training Plan

May 4 – May 10 Training Plan

Last week’s plan:

Monday: Rest (yay! Accomplished!)

Tuesday: LSD – 6-8 miles 6.55 miles at super slow pace; still recovering from the sick.

Wednesday: LSD with speed pickups if I’m feeling up to it – 4-6 miles; abs & push-ups – 5 miles accomplished, again super slow, no pickups; no abs, no pushups

Thursday: yoga – accomplished! yay!

Friday: hill run – 6 miles; abs & push-ups – 5.5 ridiculously steep miles done, forgot Leo, so not sure of actual distance or time; no abs or pushups (pansy!) PS – check the elevation chart!

Saturday: 10 mile run – I was wiped from pushing through the sick so hard all week, so I made the executive decision to skip

Sunday: spectate at Eugene; hopefully get some walking in; abs & push-ups – we did some walking, I did more walking & gardening in the afternoon; again no abs or push-ups; that needs to change

Weekly mileage: 27.55 – actual – 17.05

This week’s plan

Monday: arms & abs

Tuesday: 8 easy miles

Wednesday: AM swim, PM bike (8-12 miles)

Thursday: 5 easy mile, Yoga

Friday: Rest Day (arms & abs, maybe a walk, I will NOT be doing strenuous gardening)

Saturday: Hippie Chick Half

Sunday: gardening, arms & abs


  1. oooh you’re doing hippie chick!! that looks like a great race. i’ve gotta get my act together some year and register early enough.
    that’s a mean looking elevation profile–you gotta love pdx! 🙂

  2. Gotta love the Pacific Northwest elevation. When I get irritated with all the hills around here – I always remind myslef that we have such an advantage because hills WILL make us stronger!

    Great week of workouts. I love how you include gardening in your plan. I never thought of that – but I can definitely be a workout.

  3. The Hippie Chick sounds fun. Enjoy.

    No PDX this year. My other girls are probably going to the MidWest since one of them lives there. But with the new condo, there is no finanical way I can do a trip for the marathon. I will most likely do Long Beach again, unless I can find another local fall marathon that won’t cost me money to travel….

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