May 11 – May 17 Training Plan (and last week’s recap)

Last Week

Monday: arms & abs – fail! I took the architect out for drinks & bar food instead

Tuesday: 8 easy miles – fail! I tweaked my neck & skipped the run.

Wednesday: AM swim, PM bike (8-12 miles)- fail! neck still hurt, rested

Thursday: 5 easy mile, Yoga – half success! I did the yoga

Friday: Rest Day (arms & abs, maybe a walk, I will NOT be doing strenuous gardening) – success! I totally rested. did not do arms & abs.

Saturday: Hippie Chick Half – success! I ran the race, PR’d, am still alive

Sunday: gardening, arms & abs – half success! I pulled some weeds. And I planted 4 tomatoes, 3 peppers, 4 potatoes, some cucumbers & some rogue zucchinis. That counts, right? No arms, no abs. Basically I concentrated on not dying. Ow.

This week’s plan

Monday: Easy recovery run: 2-3 miles, no time goals; push-ups

Tuesday: Speed work; 4-5 Yasso 800s

Wednesday: AM swim; PM bike

Thursday: AM crazy weights; PM yoga

Friday: noon trail run; pushups & abs

Saturday: 10 mile run

Sunday: rest

I really need to get going on my biking/swimming. The triathlon is in about 12 weeks, I think. I will also officially register for the marathon on Friday, and will have to come up with a plan for that. Unless, of course, I decide that since the half marathon kicked my ass, I can’t do a marathon. In that case, I won’t be registering for any marathons, because I am a chicken. And people, I HURT. Sunday was so HARD! Ow!

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