Interval Report
Interval Report

Interval Report

The Ambitious One & I (after a long drive checking out local tracks) did our Yasso 800s tonight. We were aiming for 5 repeats, and my goal was to hit my 800s between 4:15-4:20, and then do 4:20 recoveries, and to do warm-ups & cool-downs b/w 10:30 & 11:00.

I didn’t check my splits during the run, just ran & tried to be consistent. And consistent I was:

Warm-up: 1 mile @ 10:46 (woot!)
800 #1 – 4:00
Recovery #1 – 4:20/.36 miles
800#2 – 3:58
Recovery #2 – 4:20/.33 miles
800#3 – 3:59
Recovery #3 – 4:20/.35 miles
800#4 – 3:57
Recovery #4 – 4:20/.37 miles
800#5 – 4:04
Recovery #5 – 4:20/.34 miles
Cooldown – 13:34/1.25 miles (10:51 pace)

Interval average: 3:59
Total: 6.5 miles in 1:06:01 (10:09 pace)

I feel so strong & awesome! And ridiculously consistent! Yay me!


    1. I can’t believe how consistently I hit those 800s! I also can’t believe I consistently hit them 15 seconds faster than I intended. No wonder it was hard! I feel great today, though.

    1. The Yasso 800s call for a recovery period equal in time to your 800s, and since I was aiming for 4:20 800s, that’s why I had 4:20 recoveries. Obviously, I should’ve had 4:00 recoveries, but I had it pre-set in my Garmin & didn’t see how fast I was actually running until I got home! Next time, I guess I’ll just go ahead and PLAN for 4:00 800s 🙂

  1. Alisa

    Woo-hooo! You were McSpeedy yesterday.

    So glad it didn’t rain and the kids on the track really weren’t too bad.

    Track Tuesday’s do make me feel strong!

    1. It was great that the weather held – I would like an empty track, but I guess unless I have a mansion & build my own, that might be too much to ask for on a spring afternoon! I’ll have to check out the track by my place this weekend to see if it’s any good, and then monitor it for after school activities!

    1. There are a couple ways – one is to go to the Runner’s World training calculator (,7169,s6-238-277-279-0-0-0-0-0,00.html?cm_mmc=Mag_URL-_-2008_August-_-Dean_Karnazes-_-Race_Prediction) and enter a recent race time, and it will not only tell you predicted times for all races, but will also give you training paces for different types of workouts. Based on my last 5K race, this says I should do my Yasso 800s in 4:31. Which I honestly tried to do, but it wasn’t fast enough! The other is to pick a goal marathon time (such as 4 HOURS 15 MINUTES) and try to do your 800 intervals in the same time (i.e. 4 MINUTES 15 SECONDS). You start with 4 intervals & 4 recoveries & work your way up to 10 (which should be done at least 10 days before your marathon).

      1. Terrific thanks!!

        Is 800 meters 2X around a mile track? Sorry, I should know this right?

        Here is what I came up with:
        Based on a 5 miles race at 00:48:05, your projected finish times for the following distances should be:
        1500m 8:06
        the mile 8:44
        3000m(3k) 16:54
        3200m(about 2 miles) 18:06
        5000m(5k) 29:02
        8000m(8k) 47:47
        5 miles 48:05
        10,000m(10k) 1:00:33
        ten miles 1:40:15
        a half marathon 2:13:28
        a marathon 4:38:17

        So, how do I figure out the Yasoo 800’s? I am such a dork!!!

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