Brew Review #3

Last Friday evening, the architect & I headed out for the third in our bi-weekly series of local brewery reviews. This time, we hit up Bridgeport Brewing Company. Although they have a couple of locations, we went to the one in the Pearl.

The only bad, really, was that we went right after the architect & I got cleaned up from our various exercises (me – 7 mile trail run; him 2ish hours on the elliptical, assorted strength stuff), so we arrived at about 5 PM, but there were no open seats in the bar. And I was HUNGRY, so I didn’t want to wait for an open seat at the bar. So, we took a table in the dining room. Where, of course, they don’t honor the happy hour prices. BAH!

Anyways – we started off, of course, with our beer order. I got the Ropewalk Amber (I took notes! Kind of!) and the architect ordered the ESB. Except they were out of ESB, so he ended up with the IPA.

(The IPA is on the left, the Amber on the right.)

Also, since we were still HUNGRY, and I was having a pretzel craving (due to a lot of pretzel talk on twitter earlier in the week), we ordered a pretzel appetizer. You got three soft pretzels with a beer mustard & a beer cheese dip. The beer cheese was a little on the fantastic side.

As you can see, I am the best food blogger EVER, because I totally forgot to take a picture until over 1 entire pretzel had been eaten.

For our entree, the architect had a chicken sandwich, and I had the chicken quesadilla off the appetizer menu. This is the point when Run to the Finish’s Nutrition Challenge #1 (Put your fork down between bites)would’ve come in handy. Alas, I did not so much remember that part.

With dinner, we ordered a couple more beers. I wish I’d tried their seasonal Imperial Porter, just for fun, but I didn’t. Instead, I got another Amber, and the architect ordered their seasonal Belgian (which I thought tasted exceptionally sweet & florally – so, in other words, not for me).

The camera appears to be getting a bit tipsy here…..

The service was great – I just wish we’d waited for a seat in the bar so we could’ve taken advantage of happy hour specials. I’ll try to remember to not ever be STARVING when headed to a brew review. The total came to about $50 – which is more than I would’ve liked to spend. Hopefully we’ll do a bit better at our next review.

After dinner, we took advantage of the nice weather to walk around Portland a bit before heading back home.

Next up on the calendar: Cascade Lakes Brewing at Raccoon Lodge on April 24. Maybe. Their website doesn’t seem to work, although there have been reviews of the place as recent as February, so I think I need to do a little more research. Let me know if you’re interested!

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