April Goals!

But first – the March recap

  1. PR on the Shamrock 15K! – FAIL! I didn’t even start this race due to a small vomiting issue
  2. Get plant shelf populated – Definitely getting there – it’s slowly but surely coming together. YAY! I love green & growing things!
  3. Finish up super secret project requirements – DONE!  WOO! As soon as I know more, I’ll share
  4. Think about food. – Good – I’ve been slooooooooowly losing weight, and trying really hard to think about what I’m eating & why.
  5. Continue to chip away at both debt & increase savings via snowflaking!- This is going quite well; I’ve sold some stuff on eBay & Amazon, and those small amounts, as well as a couple other unexpected checks have gone into debt repayment.

And now – for the April Goals

  1. Run 100 miles (fitness) – I was so close last month (well, I ran 85 miles, which is still 15 miles away, but I missed 2 long runs (17 miles total) that would’ve put me over the top. Also, the 85 was 30 more than the month before, and that’s pretty cool.
  2. Get all trees planted (home) – I have one tree that needs to go in the ground, and I’d like to pick up 3-4 more. In addition, I’d like to get a great deal more of the garden in.
  3. 5K & 10K PRs (running) – I have two races this month, and feel good about my ability to not only PR, but to break 30 minutes & 60 minutes respectively. I ran a test 5K about a week ago in 30:30, so I know I can go faster than that, provided my current shin splints are nice to me Sunday. The 10K will be a bit more challenging, but I ran 6 miles in 59:59 a few weeks ago, so I think that’s doable, too.
  4. Pay all outstanding medical bills (finance) – I keep getting all these ridiculous tiny medical bills from my PT & MRIs & XRays last year, and I can’t figure out if I still owe them, and how much, and why, since they’re all from the same damn place, they can’t just tell me the total that I owe, instead of sending me 50 million individual statements with 50 million different fucking amounts. Not that this makes me unhappy.
  5. Start writing again (personal) – seriously that was one of two reasons that I went part-time (the other has to do with March super secret goal #3), and I haven’t been. I need to figure out how to balance exercise/commute/home so that I can fit the writing in, too.  Since tomorrow is my last day at my PT job, I’m hoping that Fridays can become more writing/running/swimming days. NO HOUSEWORK ALLOWED ON FRIDAYS! I also really need to do something different with my commute. If I take public transit, It’s a 3+ hour/day commitment. If I drive, I have to pay $10/day to park OR take my chances & park illegally.  There must be a solution that will save time & money….That is part b of goal #5

Anyone else have some April Goals to share?

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