A Very Good Day

April 29, 2009 shall go down in the record  books as a very good day for Amy.

Yesterday at approximately 7:30 PM I completed my 100th mile for the month of April. I’m not going to say it was easy, because, due to my swine ‘flu, the last 11.55 miles kinda sucked ass, but it was done.  Last night’s 5-miler was, by far, the slowest 5 miler I’ve done in a LOOONG time – 11:22 pace (and that doesn’t even include the TWO walk/nose-blowing/throat-moistening breaks I was forced to take).  I’m hoping that the snot & dry mouth go away. I’m running Friday AND Saturday, and yoga-ing tonight, and would really like to feel BETTER now, thank you!

But, slowness & snot aside, I did it. It was hard & there was a point when I thought maybe I was being a bit stubborn and/or ridiculous, but dammit, I made it. And now I know I can do it, so next month it shouldn’t be so scary. I’ve crossed that barrier! Yay me! (Also, in May, my races are a half marathon & a 20K instead of a 5K & 10K, so that should help with the distance!)

The other VERY exciting news is that yesterday I found out that I was accepted into the Applied Information Management program at the University of Oregon. My first class will be June 15, and in approximately 3-ish years (or a little less), I will have my Master’s degree. That was the “super secret project” I was working on in March. I think I told about 5 people – didn’t want to jinx it – but now it’s official. Of course, if I don’t get any financial aid, this may all be moot – I don’t think it’s wise to put all my classes on my Discover Card (especially since they just hiked my interest rate to 16% – WTF? Is it because I don’t carry a balance? Why would you do that?)….but I think that I’ll be able to find a way to make this work.

Of course, with every set of exciting things, there has to be a downer, right? This is a very small thing, and I’m not even sure why it’s bothering me at all, but here’s the story. Last night, during my run, I was struggling. At about mile 3, I crossed a busier road near a bus stop. At said bus stop, there were two teenage boys, and one of them yelled at me, “yeah, you better run that fat ass….” which, beyond being grammatically incorrect and a little on the ‘what?’ side, was kinda rude. And I know teenage boys aren’t known for their social skills & grace, but really? fat ass? Only once ever have I been called fat by a stranger before, and although that, too, stung, I kinda had to shrug & say, “well, yes – can’t really argue.” But even if my spandex wasn’t as flattering on me as it is on some of my slimmer friends, I really don’t feel that the description was apt. So, why can’t I let it go? A couple of weeks ago, a youngish man told me I had a smile he could see from two blocks away, and I don’t dwell on that, so why do I dwell on the negative?


So – yesterday = good.

1) 100 miles

2) grad school

That is what I am going to dwell on.

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