Brew Review (#2) – Amnesia Brewery
Brew Review (#2) – Amnesia Brewery

Brew Review (#2) – Amnesia Brewery

I am a terrible brewpub reviewer, because I can only remember the names of three of the four beers we had, and Amnesia doesn’t have a website, so I can’t look it up.

Maybe next time I’ll take notes!

I love Amnesia – it’s a nice, laid back place. It’s great in the summer as they have outdoor seating (and it’s great if you have a dog, as you can sit outside with your dog, too).

The only think I don’t like is the food options – or lack thereof. Which is really just my issue. Most people would be able to eat something there. I don’t often feel like a picky eater, but I definitely do there! They have a wide variety of sausages (I don’t eat pork), a burger (I don’t eat beef) and even some veggie options (I don’t eat veggies burgers or sausages when eating out, due the prominence of mushrooms in veggie options). So – I never eat at Amnesia – however if you don’t have my food issues, you should be fine. They have an outdoor grill (in the outdoor covered seating area) and it always smells fantastic, making me think that maybe a sausage would be okay, just this once!

But – on to the beers (maybe I’ll start taking pictures, too).

On the first go ’round, the architect ordered a Dusty Trail Pale Ale & I ordered one of their seasonal taps. I remember liking the name of the beer, and I remember that it, too, was a work that rhymed with “Ale” so that I felt silly saying all the “ale” sounding words when I ordered the two beers.

Now – full disclosure – I am not a big fan of the hops, although I am beginning to like the hoppy beers a little bit more. I also tend to like more medium-bodied beers, such as Ambers & Reds & Browns (my all-time favorite, Imperial Reds). My seasonal Ale (Rail? Frail? Tail? Scale?) was like a Pale IPA, so to me it tasted like a weak hoppy beer. The architect’s pale ale was a weak non-hoppy beer, so we traded.

In all fairness, he liked his (Male? Haybale? Killer Whale?) quite a bit.

When I went up for seconds, I ordered one of each of their IPAs: the Copasetic, which I read somewhere was the best IPA in Portland and the Desolation, which is my favorite IPA in all the land.

I tried the Copacetic, and it was good, but I really have a hard time believing that it was honestly better than the Desolation. I know I just got finished saying that I am not a fan of the hoppy IPAs, and these are definitely hoppy IPAs, but for some reason, I just love that Desolation IPA.

The architect really enjoyed the Copacetic more, but was unwilling to come down definitively in favor of it being the best IPA in Portland.

After we finished our two beers each ($16 before tip), we headed home for pizza & movie watching. I can’t tell you the name of the movie we watched, because it is embarrassing, but I do have to say it was also very, very bad. Like I felt dumber for having seen it. Bad. Even though I may have liked the book (which is also embarrassing), the movie – definitely not. It wasn’t even so bad that it was good. Just bad.

Next up on the brew review tour – Bridgeport! (4/10)


  1. Alisa


    Bet Justin will like this review =). Funny, I like hoppy beers and dislike malty ones. My faves are the wheaty kinds =).

    I didn’t know you are anti- pork and beef. I just thought you didn’t really like it b/c what you buy at the store isn’t as good as your S. Dakota stuff–not that you didn’t eat it at all. Wow…no burgers? no steak? I couldn’t deal!

    1. I’m not anti-pork or beef, I just don’t eat it. Ever. (Well except for that burger I had at Hopworks a few months ago. yum.) I stopped eating beef & pork when I left South Dakota, and that’s been 10 years now. I eat other meats (elk, bison, etc.), but don’t really miss it too much. I eat buffalo burgers or turkey burgers, and elk steak. Since the architect is anti-beef & pork (no one in his family can digest those meats very well), it’s just easier to not eat them. And after 10 years of no beef/pork (except for bacon, occasionally) bad things happen when I try 🙂

  2. I’m so outing you Twilight lover 😉 He’s so fast. He’s so dangerous. ha ha

    I love that you’re doing brewery tours! You should invite us along sometime (yeah, that’s called inviting yourself, sarah).

  3. dang it, i was going to suggest some lame kids movie that all the teenagers are raving about. oh wait…. twilight?

    i too stay away from the pig and cow. Top sirloin steaks are lowfat enough to still be healthy, and lowfat roast beef is good too. but if it has enough fat to be a burger, it’s too fatty for me to eat. i will occaisionally indulge in turkey sausuage or turkey bacon though.

    and i’m so jealous your spinach sprouted! my peas are only about 2″ high. hang in there, tuesday is almost over.

    1. My meat issue has nothing to do with fat content, I just grew up in farm country, and think most meat that can be purchased in stores tastes like crap. 🙂

      My peas are only about 2″ tall, too – and I’m still waiting for that asparagus. My sad garden news: 1) I don’t think my beautiful rosemary survived the winter & 2) stupid city workers installing new ADA curbs killed my 2-year-old Japanese Maple. I hates them all.

  4. Jen

    I don’t love hoppy beers either. Great review! I like Killer Whale Ale – if that’s not it, I bet it’s a Seattle-area beer for sure.

    I can’t wait to try Amnesia! I love me some outdoor seating and grilling and beer-drinking. Have fun at Bridgeport. I bet you’ll like the food options there! I like the Ropewalk the best.

    1. I googled Killer Whale, and Alaska Brewing Co makes a Killer Whale Stout – they really missed out on the rhyme potential by not making it an Ale 🙂

      We’ll definitely have to do an Amnesia Happy Hour when it’s warmer!

      I haven’t been to Bridgeport in a while, so I’m excited to go back. Have you been to their SE Hawthorne location? I think it’s so much warmer than the Pearl (although I’m totally going to hit the Pearl location for our next tasting – feel free to stop by: 4/10 at 5 PM).

    1. I’m better at beer flavors than wine flavors. At our wine tasting party last Saturday, I was basically “this is sweet” or “this is too flowery” and that’s it – that was actually all I could give. I’d love to take some wine & beer tasting courses!

  5. Oh – I’m grieving for the Japanese maple!! We had city workers recently tear up part of our sprinkler system. We were all prepared for a big fight over it – and when we looked into where we would even start with a complaint, we immediately got punted up to a manager who apologized and got a team out to fix it the next day!! It was a pleasant surprise.

    And we have rosemary that is taking over our yard. Seriously – I have the yummiest smelling dogs because they love to play in it. It is so huge that I lose sight of them in it! I wish I could send you some to replace what your winter killed off! (On second thought – maybe we have like, chernobyl mutant rosemary and shouldn’t spread it around!)

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