Notes from the Coupon Queen – Part II

You may need a brief refresher on part 1 – just hurry back!

And now – for our second installment from the Coupon Queen at Jogger’s Life.


I canceled my next CPA exam just so that I could escape the pressure and guilt that was surrounding me over having taken so long to post this video as promised.

Ok, it wasn’t your fault, but I really enjoyed making you the scapegoat for my laziness and lack of desire to become a CPA right now.

I will bring you the video without much commentary, but first, my standard set of disclaimers and warnings:

1) I am not a professional videographer. This will be evident by the possibly side-cocked camera angle, the intermittent bouts of non-focus, and the fact that it was just me, my tripod, and my trusty coupon binder.

2) Please don’t expect a lengthy commentary on couponing, as a professional camera man pans in and out expertly. You’ll be highly disappointed. You get enough face time on this video to notice that I talk out of the left side of my mouth (which I actually think is cute), I’m wearing gym clothes, and I’m having a mediocre hair day. But, I smile. And golly oh geez. That is one cheesy smile! But I did it just for you. The remainder of the video shall contain my mahogany desk, coupons, my coupon binder, and my claw-like hands. And you will love it. I promise.

3) I haven’t had a manicure lately.

4) Love me even though I call something a “thingamabob”, and I forget the word “raincheck”. I’m not the most eloquent speaker you’ll meet, but I get the job done.

The end.


The second section will be posted as soon as I can get my hands on the new Sunday paper. Because, well…I’m a dummy.

Before I give you the video…


Yes, yes, it is! How very appropo, no?

AND, in celebration of my 100th post, I am going to give away THREE (3) fully-equipped coupon binders! I can’t promise that they’ll have a lot of coupons in them (since I seem to be forgetting to buy papers lately), but they will at the very minimum contain all of the “guts” that you see in my special coupon binder. You will love it. I promise.

If you would like to enter the contest to win one of my 3 coupon binders, just comment on this post and tell me why you love me. I need some validation today. I’m feeling needy. Just go with it.

And, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The Coupon Binder, Explained.


To enter the contect, visit the Jogger’s Life!  Although feel free to comment here & tell me why you love me. There may not be any shiny prizes, but it’d still be nice!

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