Because I’m optimistic

I’m hoping that the person who got to my site by googling “pubic boot porn” was just the victim of an embarrassing typo.  Because the only thing that I can think of when confronted with the phrase “pubic boot” is that unfortunate literal cameltoe that Sarah Jessica Parker was sporting the other day.

6 responses to “Because I’m optimistic

  1. ha ha!! I love it!

  2. Thats Sara Jessica Parker???

  3. Haha…wasn’t me!

  4. WTF? those are the weirdest boots I’ve seen since… well since I posted that weird “boot” on my blog yesterday…

  5. oh my…THAT is a tragedy.

  6. im throwing up in my mouth while laughing. this is my favorite post ever and im totally grossed out by that. hahahaha