Product Review

A couple of weeks ago,  I was contacted by Rick Kroon at Lynx Performance Technologies.  He asked me to test & review the Lynx Performance Grips – from the website:

Designed by elite trainers, Lynx Performance Grips provide ultimate grip control and superior protection where you need it – in your GRIP ZONE®. Adjust Performance grips to your exercise-specific grip zone (push vs. pull) and maximize your workout.

I used these three time – and I have to tell you that they were pretty fantastic. Although I’m not sure that my workout was maximized, I am pretty sure that they protected my hands really well. I always forget to take my wedding ring off before lifting weights, and usually end up with a blister under my ring (not to mention other almost-callouses elsewhere on my hands).

After using the performance grips for the last 8 days (three sessions – two at the gym with machines & free weights, including the pull-up assist, the Smith machine, and bench press; and one at home with just small hand weights), I don’t have any blisters or callouses.

They didn’t seem to make me stronger, but they did make the workout easier. They stayed put in my hands – no slipping or anything – and fit in the cup holder of the cardio equipment that I used before my weights session.

In short – this is the first product I’ve reviewed on this blog – and it was a great one to start off with (I was so afraid that I was going to HATE them, and then I’d have to either pretend this never happened, or say mean things, and I don’t like being mean).

Also, I have an extra set of Performance Grips  to give away. To win, leave a comment on this post by 5 PM (pacific time) Friday & tell me about your weight routine (or lack thereof).  The random number generator will pull a number out of its virtual hat, and I’ll notify the winner via email & announce the winner on Saturday.

Now get out there & strength train!

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