Memories….All alone in the office…

That’s how that song goes, right?

Anyways – remember (see, I tie it ALL together) when I said that I was going to be a wee bit busy in January? It turns out that I was not lying.

Honestly, people, I may not be getting you your regularly scheduled porn. Let me tell you how far gone I really am. Last week (Friday), I took two pairs of boots to a shoe-repair shop to be 1) re-heeled & 2) stretched. They were ready yesterday. Not only did I not go pick them up yesterday, I also completely forgot about it until I started typing this “your regularly scheduled porn may be delayed post.” That is a SICKNESS

Anyways – back to my previous thought: It may not be so bad to have a shoe porn hiatus. I’m over fall/winter shoes. But it’s not yet time for the new spring shoes. I’m ready for sandals! And open toes! And finding a replacement for the wedge sandals that I wore almost every day between April & September in both 2007 and 2008 (they are falling apart now).

Also, in addition to being all worky, and non-sequitury; I am also all PMSy, and cranky. And I have a weird condition that causes me to add ‘Ys’ to the end of all my words(ys). 

I did not work out yesterday – and my knee & ankles were grateful. I did run this morning (2.8 miles, if you’re curious, and I know you were) as well as do a killer upper body strength routine with The Ambitious One. And you know what sucked? The gym! I mean, I’m fairly fond of my gym, as far as a fondness for a gym can go. But the New Years Resolutioners? I do not like them*. They take all the parking. And the machines (although not the strength training stuff – resolutioners are all about the cardio). And they do not have good etiquette! I saw a guy stand, motionless, on a treadmill for a good 5 minutes, talking to his neighbor. Apparently guy#1 had finished first (isn’t that always the case) & was waiting for his friend. And there was a line for the treadmills – RUDE! (But I got a treadmill, so I wasn’t incensed – just irritated.)

We are supposed to start swimming tomorrow, but between A’s hectic work schedule (worse than mine, even) and the crowds at the gym, maybe we should not swim until February, when people have given up**. 

I think it might be nearly time to go home & drink wine.

*I like you, though – even if today was your first trip to the gym. I can tell that you are going to stick with it, and probably didn’t take either my parking spot OR my locker. So please – keep working out! So healthy! So fun!

**Don’t give up! There are so many rewards to a regular workout routine! And might I suggest that ideal times to visit the gym are before 6:30 am or after 8 am. 

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