Where has the day gone?

I had a busy, busy, busy morning & early afternoon. I am finally clearing all the tasks off of my to-do list.

It was a good morning. I love how I feel when I actually get up & exercise. I met my workout partner at the gym this morning. We were to meet at 6:30, but I showed up at 6:15 and she was already there! She’s quite the early bird.

I did 30 minutes on the bike (just over 7 miles at level 5), and then some upper body weights. I have a confession – upper body strength training intimidates me. I hardly ever do it. BUT, fortunately A knows what she’s doing. I did rear delts, and shoulder press, and biceps, and shoulders, and squats (for fun, I guess) and triceps, and some other pull-down thingies and one other machine thingie (I am SUCH an expert). We did about 30 minutes of strength, and on top of Tuesday 30 minutes of lower body, I’m feeling pretty good! The only thing I really didn’t work on was abs – so that is my assignment for tomorrow.

I am going to be back at the gym tomorrow morning (normally, I’d run outside, but it’s supposed to be hella cold AND windy AND rainy, and, since it would also be dark, that’s just too much for me) for my 3-4 mile run.

This Sunday will see a HUGE runner chick turnout. I think I’ll see her and her and her, and who knows, maybe her. This one is still recovering from her marathon or something, so won’t be joining us. And since I don’t know her well enough to call her a pansy, we’ll just let it go at that! 

Last night, I was so sore from Tuesday’s leg workout that I couldn’t even begin to think about getting on the elliptical – so the architect and I went for a walk. It was chilly, but nice. AND we saw a really cool falling star over the West Hills. So pretty.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Saturday I have a shopping & lunch extravaganza with a really good friend that I haven’t seen in years! (Or, maybe a month, because she was out of the country, whatever.) And then Sunday’s run. I also am going to send out all the gift packages that need to go out. We may put up a tree, but we’ll definitely hang the lights. 

And who knows, maybe snow!

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