Run Away!

I just finished a 5 mile run. I feel terrific – although I have a blister on my left arch, which is just annoying (I even used Body Glide).

Last night’s party was fun – although spending time with a bunch of architects who have either been recently laid off or are anticipating being laid off soon is a bit on the depressing side. One of the archi-wives came up with a creative solution to my now no-go Mexican vacation. She suggested that for a couple days, we just turn up the heat in the house, get a space heater & then lay on the sofa in my bikini while the architect dons a cabana boy outfit & brings me guacamole and margaritas on demand. Last night, he thought that was a good idea. I hope he doesn’t forget!

Anyways – my run today – this was not the best run I’ve had – and I’m a bit disappointed in my times, but I did it, and that’s what really counts, right?

Mile 1: 10:57
Mile 2: 12:41
Mile 3: 12:16
Mile 4: 11:46
Mile 5: 11:32

Total: 59:14 (11:50 pace)

Mile 1 is downhill, and I was working really hard at staying close to 11 minute miles, mile 2 is a steep uphill – there is no excuse for mile 3’s time, and I’m disappointed that I didn’t stay closer to an 11 minute mile. I keep forgetting that it’s unrealistic to expect to be as fast as I was pre-kneehab.

I took two small walk breaks when I started being able to feel my knee.  But now that I’m done & did some stretching, it feels fine. I’ll still ice it in a bit, but I’m feeling pretty damn good.

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