Moving On
Moving On

Moving On

But not really….I don’t really know how to follow up yesterday’s post. This issue isn’t over, and won’t be over for a long time. And I really can’t and won’t let it go. I’m not sure where to go from here, but I will figure it out. It seems that going back to talking about my diet (which I mean in a “the food I eat each day” way & not “the calorie restrictions I undertake to try to lose weight” way) & exercise is wrong, somehow. But – I don’t know what else to talk about today, so here goes:

I have been having an erratic week, diet & exercise-wise. I started out strong – 5 mile run on Sunday, Bikram on Monday, I even managed to workout before tuning into election results Tuesday.

But it went downhill from there – what with the pizza and the bottle of wine. (Seriously – only one bottle of wine? I’m really slipping. I’m pretty sure I consumed WAAAAY more wine in 2004. The combination of age & happiness apparently leads to moderation.)

I’ve been munching on leftover Halloween candy, and cookies, and crap for the past two days. I didn’t exercise at all yesterday, and I didn’t get up for weights this morning. The time change is kicking my ass. It’s dark by the time I’m leaving work, and I am so tired by the end of the day.

Tomorrow I’m going to get up & run in the morning. Sunday I’ve already committed to a 5 mile run, rain or shine (please not rain).

Saturday, I’m thinking about yoga – but may end up doing something else. I will, however, do something else.

I have a plan for next week, and although I’ve shared it with friends already, I’m going to share it with everyone – more accountability, right?

Monday: Bikram
Tuesday: Track workout after work
Wednesday: Morning exercise DVD
Thursday: Crazy weights (I mean it this time!)
Friday: Pre-work run
Saturday: TBD – (options: DVD, yoga, elliptical)
Sunday: 6 mile long run

So there. committed. 

What’s your plan?


  1. My plan:
    Monday: Run
    Tuesday Run
    Wednesday Run
    Thursday Run
    Friday Run
    Saturday Run
    Sunday Run

    I am thinking of doing a running streak. I want it to last so the last day of my streak will be January 1 2009. So i have to figure out how many days in a row i want to run. Last streak was 36 days!!! OY VEY!!!

    Is that crazy talk?? Probably i am tired now and not thinking clearly. I want a cookie!!! I am going to get a cookie!!!

    Have a good night…..:O)

    1. When you did your last running streak, I was all “hey! when I get all healed, I am going to do that, too!” but then my PT told me that unless I want to permanently destroy my knees, I cannot run every day. 4 days a week MAX, she said – and she’d rather I did 3. She’s such a killjoy.

      I think it IS crazy talk, but the fun kind. And you should give me a cookie. 🙂

  2. Alisa

    Monday: Bikram
    Tuesday: Track workout after work–Yay!
    Wednesday: Run 6
    Thursday: Crazy weights (I mean it this time!)
    Friday: Run 4
    Saturday: Pilates and wine party =)
    Sunday: 14 miles

    1. Five days of running is awesome! My PT has said 3 for me, 4 max – which isn’t quite what I wanted to hear – but then she said something about “or you’ll probably screw up your knees & need surgery & never run again…blah blah blah.” So 3-4 days it is!

  3. In 2004 we elected a bush. The whole country drank more wine. We all needed it. When you are this happy, switch to scotch.

    i’m crazy over the next week. 2 days in atlanta and 4 without wife/kids. skype me sometime.

  4. Jen

    Good luck on the weekend and next week’s plans! I agree, don’t be so hard on yourself.

    My plan is to follow my schedule- last big week of marathon training!- and not get overly anxious.

    I love your previous post on the California gay marriage issue- I agree completley but couldn’t have said it so well.

  5. What if we crafted a plan? Got organized? Drafted an unexpected and motley crew of folks who could be counted on to support gay rights?

    Cause here’s the thing: I know a few people who don’t support gay rights, but I know A LOT of people who do. We just are not at all organized.

    Organization works, don’t you think? It’s served the evangelical set very well.

    1. I think you’re right. We need to go seriously grass roots with this thing. We need to be community organizers (gasp!) and make this work.

      (Or maybe just find all the anti-equality people and send them to an island somewhere.)

  6. Hi there! Where are you doing bikram in Portland? I found quite a few studios but all of the reviews I read were bad. I called Yoga in the Pearl to ask for a recommendation but they didn’t have one, and only suggested that I go to their 95* vinyasa class….

    If you could let me know your reviews on the bikram places you’ve been that would be awesome!

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