Quote(s) of the Day
Quote(s) of the Day

Quote(s) of the Day

I think I don’t regret a single ‘excess’ of my responsive youth – I only regret, in my chilled age, certain occasions & possibilities I didn’t embrace.

Henry James


Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted

John Lennon


That second one is hard for me. I fell guilt about having lazed away a Saturday afternoon reading – and I don’t know why! Why shouldn’t we have some lazy time? 

Are you going to laze this weekend?


  1. Alisa

    Nope. Running 10 miles tomorrow then off to Eugene for a house warming party. Back on Sunday to take the dog to the dog park and meetup with Sarah.

    I wish I could laze. October is not the month for lazing around…too much travel!

  2. Perhaps reading is not being lazy? You are using your mind to absorb the words on the page right?? I say not lazy at all!

    I am planning on a 6 miler tomorrow. Then possibly being lazy!!! :O)

  3. Scott Nearing was a big natural life homestead guy. He wrote a bunch of books, including “The Good Life” about his way to live. He thought each day you should spend four hours working, four hours playing and four hours learning. Seven days a week, until he died at 99 years old. Your reading time could be called playing or learning time, but there’s no way it should feel like a guilty pleasure. see if you can find a copy of the good life, it’s a pretty interesting read if you’re into non-fiction.

    i’ve been battling the same thing lately. I make a living as a software developer, so I feel like I should be working all the time I’m sitting at the computer. Especially if you ask my boss or wife. But I’m conviced it’s ok for me to do fun things at the computer like read blogs just like everyone else does with their computers.

  4. Christine

    I had to come to Orlando a day early for a conference (it started before I could get there) so I spent pretty much THE WHOLE DAY!!! lazing around (and reading!)

    And learning that I absolutely stink at putting on suntan lotion. I look at the burn patterns on my arms and face and legs and wonder.

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