In Which I Answer Your Questions

Q: How fast can a gazelle run?


A: For the rare gazelle on crack, the fastest recorded land speed is an 8:59 mile. Over longer distances (such as a 10K), the pace slows to a 9:56 mile. Recently, however, the gazelle has been somewhat slower – closer to a 12 minute mile


If, however, you are referring to the gazelle more closely related to the antelope, they have been clocked at over 80 mph.



*questions are edited for clarity, spelling and grammar, and occasionally, for humor.

10 responses to “In Which I Answer Your Questions

  1. I like that….gazelle on crack!! You will get there pace wise!! Just keep it up and well you know, just run gazelle run!!!

    • I’ve improved so much over the past 2 years, that I’m not too worried. I’d love to be faster, but even more than that – i just love that I can do it at all!

  2. lol. Fast enough in my book!

  3. Haha. Apparently ThickChicks have about the same pace as a wounded Gazelle.

    • On my run today, I averaged a 10:50….which is significantly better than I thought I was doing. 🙂 I just want to be a consistent 10 minute miler.

      When I was just getting back into running, I was averaging a 15-16 min mile because I couldn’t run more than a couple of minutes at a time.

      Are you traveling this week? If not, see you at weights on Thursday!

  4. Dude, I can barely run to the refrigerator 😉

  5. Apparently I need some crack…