Blogger Meet-Up

Last night I participated in a big-ass blogger meet-up. Photos were taken, but not by me – so as soon as those are posted, I’ll point you to them.

We had a LOT of runners, and a LOT of marathoners…funny that none of the Portland peeps are actually running the Portland marathon!  

We met up at Vault Martini lounge.  The Ambitious One & I were the first there, which gave me enough time to order a cheese plate since I’d gone from work to the gym and then straight to the bar & hadn’t had dinner (remind me later to tell you about my amazing & effective gin & wine diet). 

Shortley thereafter Junk Miles showed up, and then pretty soon the slightly tipsy POM & Denver-gal K(who doesn’t have a blog) arrived. 

HTC was a bit late – she had to watch the end of the debate (I only caught the 1st hour of it while on the treadmill).

Then some new Portlanders (and Boston marathoner) stopped by, and Indiana-based marathoner who blogs at Alfer Life and her husband. This is her 2nd marathon in two weeks!  She is obviously crazy – although in a good way. (And I’m still really sorry about what I said about your shoes. I am a mean, bad person.)

We drank martinis and talked. It was a good time. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – I knew about half the people who were showing to various degrees – but will people who leave nice comments on blogs really get along in real life? It was kinda like a group of old friends – there were some awkward conversation lulls, but pretty soon we were all over-sharing, offering relationship advice, and talking about running.

I am so excited to watch the marathon on Sunday – it’s pretty close to my house and now I know people who will be running by!  

Yesterday was a fantastic day that ended very well. I got up and made crazy weights (where I saw HTC – I actually think I spent more time with her yesterday than the architect), then drove near work. I parked about a mile away, so I got about 25 minutes of walking (both ways) yesterday. Work was crazy, crazy, crazy. By the time I left, I needed that run and that martini! I made it to the gym by about 6:15 (listened to the 1st 15 minutes of the debate on the radio). Everyone in the row of treadmills was watching the debate. You could tell by the guffaws when Palin said we had to convince the rest of the world to follow our lead to combat global warming (apparently the Kyoto Protocol wasn’t in her notecards).  

In preparation for my upcoming 5K, I did 3.1 miles (I like to embrace diverse ways of measuring distance). It took me 36 minutes, which is pretty slow, but it was the first time since 7/4 that I ran a continuous mile.  I’m really hoping to break 30 minutes, but not sure if I can get there in 2 weeks. 

I feel absolutely fantastic today – apparently every day should involve getting up at 5, lifting & running in the same day, then drinking martinis. 

And – speaking of martinis, let me tell you about my new diet. I weighed myself on Wednesday, and was a bit dismayed – my weight had been creeping up the last week, and was bad, bad, bad on Wednesday.

I didn’t weigh myself yesterday, but I did this morning, and was down nearly 3 pounds. I can attribute this to one of two things.

My unique diet that I’ve followed the last couple of days that involved drinking my dinner (wine Wednesday, gin Thursday) and supplementing that with very little food (cheese last night & bread with marinara Wednesday). I’m pretty sure if I trademarked my diet I could make some money (drink every night and still lose weight!).

The other explanation is the weight was PMS-related & has gone away, much like always happens. 

I think I like the diet idea better.  


Happy Friday!

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